Friday, February 27, 2009

US Dollar Strengthening

Seeing the currency exchange rate rising steadily day by day makes it clear cut that I must pass the coming May exam. May the Lord be with me. Amen. 

Inner Being Reigns

My self was rebelling and my fallen flesh was co-operating well, after the tests.  Fortunately, at last, the inner voice speaks and the inner being reigns. Thank you Lord, I'm back to You again.   

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Harvest

Purposely went to MPH to buy three books-Making Globalization Work, The Black Swan, and The World is Flat

at only RM82.50, that was before discount. I bought them at the bloody RM58 after the instant 30% discount!!! 

But cheap things are never good. The edge of one of the books is slightly torn :(

p/s: I was so excited when I learnt that I managed to buy the last set of the books, and straight headed to the counter to pay, and so I didn't pay attention to the condition of the books. *sweat*