Monday, January 12, 2009

Verdicts of Resolution 2008

Resolution 1
Lose weight for three to five kg, maintain at 48-50kg
Verdict: Failed... Still maintain at the weight at the beginning of the year. Is that a big console?

Resolution 2
Lead a healthy life, as in sleeping early and waking up early and doing cardio more.
Verdict: FAILED terribly!! Get worse..

Resolution 3
Learn to cook, minimize eating out, minimize Ajinomoto
Verdict: Failed. Just cooked for one week.

Resolution 4
Save RM3 each day, save RM1k in a year
Verdict: Failed. I used the money to buy an electronic keybooard, a MP4, and a camera.

Resolution 5
Minimize chatting nonsense online
Verdict: Failed. But get to know some great friends.

Resolution 6
Conquer more hills, mountains if possible.
Verdict: Failed. Don't have time to try.

Resolution 7
Not to do last minute work.
Verdict: Failed!

Resolution 8
Concentrate more in lectures and tutorial classes, minimizing dozing off (or shall I say sleeping >.<)
Verdict: Failed!! And I was awarded the honor of "Skipping Class Queen"

Resolution 9
Pass Exam P/1 and Exam FM.
Verdict: Passed!!! I pass one more paper, which is MFE.

Resolution 10
Improve or maintain my GPA.
Verdict: Failed. Maintained one sem, dropped terribly for two sems.

Resolution 11
Bury myself more in library to read something beyond my studying scope.
Verdict: Passing. Read something beyond my studying scope, yes, but at home.

Resolution 12
Read twenty novels.
Verdict: Failed!!! But I read more than 25 books (not textbook).

Resolution 13
Get to know more coursemates.
Verdict: Passed.

Resolution 14
Learn tennis, improve badminton, visit gym more
Verdict: Failed terribly.

Resolution 15
Try alcohol
Verdict: Passed!!!

Resolution 16
Try more nice food (hopefully this does not contrast with resolution 3)
Verdict: Passed!

Resolution 17
Minimize going back hometown, three times the most (to cut hair).
Verdict: Passed.

Resolution 18
Learn a new language.
Verdict: Failed.

Resolution 19
Spend less (hopefully this does not contrast with resolution 16).
Verdict: Failed!

Resolution 20
Learn to be more rational, contented and careful.
Verdict: Passing.

So yea, 15 fails, 2 passings, and 5 passes. Grade the year 2008 for me =.="

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friends Paying Me a Visit: Day 3 and Day 4

I dedicate this post for the pure sake of my lovely friends-Alvin, HT, Shuzhen, GinHwa and Alan. And this post shall also end the whole visiting.

I forgot to mention the date of the visit and so I add in here. It was from Dec 18 to Dec 21.

Okay. For Day 2, as I mentioned, HT's car clutch tank had some problems, and it caused the car stop twice on the road. And since Alvin asked us to depart earlier to sample the nice curry noodle for breakfast, HT needed to send his car to workshop for a check much earlier. And so he came to this workshop, the only workshop which is opened at 8am :)

Don't judge a book by its cover. My dad said he is
quite skillful too.

We reached Penang Island at around 11am. And waited for quite a while to get a small table to "accommodate" the six of us. So you can imagine how crowded it was. I didn't know Penangites have the habit of eating breakfast so late too, just as KL people. =.=

HT ordered this fried bee hoon.

Yea, this was it. The famous and nice curry noodle.
I like it very much though I rarely eat curry noodle.
However Alvin said it was average only.

Herbal Mee Sua.
(I don't know why the position is like this)

After the so-called hearty breakfast brunch, we made our way to Botanical Garden. Yea, another thing is Alvin didn't have car on that day, so the six of us have to squeeze into HT's car. To be precise, the six giants squeezed into a Wira. :)

The first few pictures taken when we entered the garden:

the view was breathtaking for me. But it was scorching hot to have a stroll at 12 noon!!! So we just made a quick tour inside.

Then suddenly, we spotted this cute girl!!!

the side

the back

And Alvin couldn't resist but approached her to flirt take some pictures with her. He never misses a chance to caress little kids he bumps into *sweat*

Well, he is old enough to be the
father of Jessica (the little girl)

She is simply too adorable!!!
Alan even said he wanna to process it
into the size of poster to hang on the wall
in his room *smile*

Even her gesture of eating banana is enthralling

Caucasians are simply different. When we approached her to take pictures with her, she was not afraid but was sporting enough to be our model, and, and her parents didn't quickly came forward to bring their little sweetheart away.

On the way leaving the garden, HT and I continued to snap some pictures. The scenery was of enchanting beauty, I would say.

Since, we were still quite full, then instead of lunch, we went to the idyllic Air Itam Dam to have a view of it. However it was again too hot. We left after taking a few pictures.

Then we headed down to Kek Lok Si Temple.

Some parts are under construction. It is expanding.

After that, we made our way to sample the famous Air Itam laska!

mua chee


The laska!!!
(Again I don't know why it's in this position)

Actually, for Day 3, we planned to do something vigorous like water sports, etc, so we were equipped with short pants, etc.

But since after eating the laksa, it was still too hot to go to beach, we went Island Plaza instead to steal a a moment of soaking ourselves in air-cond.

We went Batu Ferringhi about an hour later.

It seemed to be pristine from far, but you will realize the stark contrast when you have a closer look :)

Our country is quite poor and weak in maintaining the tourist spots.

The kind tour guide climbed high,

and low,

to help us take some pictures. *thanks*

After that, we headed up to Golden Sand area to have our dinner and a stroll along the night market.

The Ship, The Best Steak in Town, too bad, we didn't go in to try. Next time, perhaps?

We were totally worn out. And after leaving Alvin, we went home straight to have a rest. Shuzhen, GinHwa and Alan would go Langkawi Island on the next day by 815 boat. I didn't join them as I was too tired.

And hence Day 3 ended...

The next morning, after the wash and dress, we headed to Penang Ferry Terminal.

Then HT and I went to have our breakfast. So sorry to the trio, we were in such a hurry until we didn't have time to have breakfast together.

After the breakfast, HT said he wanted to use ferry to cross the sea instead of the bridge. And hence we went back to the ferry terminal again.

(I love sea a lot, and, yacht even more.... So bear with me... I've uploaded quite a number of the pictures of the terminal)

Yacht Club

A yacht is already very costly, but the maintenance fees are even more expensive! Still I hope I can have one in the future to go sailing with my darling and family.

See, even the sky is more "blue"

I showed HT around the small town of my hometown, brought him to see the remnants of the past conquerors. He then left for KL after chatting with my mom and taking lunch and transferring pictures to me...

And hence Day 4 ended....

I threw myself in the embrace of my bed for a few hours like nobody's business!!!

P/S: I'm busy at the moment, but at the same time I don't want my laziness in updating blog overwhelming me, so I still update it with few words and let the pictures do the talking :)