Thursday, February 28, 2008

Being Guilty and Uncomfortable

Had a chat with my mum and dad just now on phone.

They asked me about my progress of professional exam and school results (as always).

Then I told them I got not bad results (I lied, I just got 8.29/10 actually) for the first test given back. I didn't really elaborate much on my academic progress. As at that time, I was so guilty and uncomfortable, I skipped class, I didn't do tutorial questions, I didn't listen in lectures and tutorial classes, and I didn't have a thorough preparation for the school tests. I have my own solid reason la, I devote most of my time on my professional exam now after being motivated by a friend of mine (can't reveal his name here, he wants to keep a low profile) and a professor from Waterloo University, Canada (will blog about him when I'm free). Is the excuse plausible? *sigh*

This conflict has been gnawing at me for quite a time already. Practically I have very little time left for school studies after having a self-study of the professional exam. And I feel that U**R certificates can't help me much after I graduate, so this led me to commit all the sins mentioned above -.- Anyway I still thank U**R for transforming to how I am today, I do learn a lot along the way, especially when I was in Foundation level, I met a bunch of lecturers of high caliber, I'm not lying nor flattering, seriously.

Perhaps from tomorrow and onwards, I must really run a 60/40 time management for professional exam and school exam. However, I doubt I'm able to do so... Self-studying is never easy and it's tiring.

*sigh* How am I going to tell my parents my conflict? Will they understand me? They are always proud of me. No matter how much I ask from them, they are never stingy to give. I come from a really big family as well. My progress of academic is "monitored" by those uncles and aunties from time to time =.= Though my parents never give me any pressure, their over-concern actually suffocates me without their realization.

*sigh* No matter how plausible my excuse, I think I still can't convince my parents, so I'd better bury myself more in my books (neeeeeerrrrrrrdddddddd).... What to do when you come from a big and prestigious family (this is how my relatives perceive themselves, not me okay)!? I never care of fame actually.

To tell you all a secret, my dad was being scolded (kind of) by my uncles when I didn't choose to further my studies in medic field... They said my dad should decide for me =.= What the .....

If you have too much time, please donate to me....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is the post I promised to blog quite a time ago. I boarded train to come back KL after CNY holidays. This was the first time I board KTM. I had quite a bad impression towards it as many told me about its downside. But I think it was not that bad after all even though I just had an economic seat.

This is how the ticket look like

There are many carriages which fetch passengers and my carriage was R3.

One thing to complain about the seat is it's a bit small for a big size person like me...

Good thing about it is you can have your meal onboard, there is a stretchable table at the back of your front seat.

There are small stalls selling food too. But I didn't go exploring as I was boarding the train with another serious friend, and I dared to do silly things. =.=

The air-con system works fine too
(my main concern)

According to my friend who always takes train to go PG and come back KL, the train toilet sucks the way out. But the train I took had no problem with its toilet. =.= The lock was functioning too.

The condition is not bad,
but not grand of course

But one bad thing is there were quite a number Malays (illegal workers I supposed) who didn't have ticket and were asked to stand at the place between the carriages, and if you wanted to go toilet, you ought to pass by them, which I was not comfortable with. I think the train conductor should check everyone's ticket before they board the train instead of examining after the train passes by a few stops =.=

So never make any decision or have your mind set until you really experience it.

Responsibility as a Citizen

Notice lots of portraits hanging across the streets, on the lampposts? Loan shark? If you're so indifferent of your surrounding, let me remind you our country 12th General Election fall on March 8, 2008.

Heat of big election

This doesn't mean I'm a BN supporter,
just that there are so many BN banner hanging
in my housing area, wonder if this area is
dominated by BN

Nah, don't blame your country of not granting you freedom, now it's time to have a deep consideration of who to support and appreciate the chance you have for you to shape your country...

Don't ask what your country can give you; ask what you can give to your country (I know this is lame), but please take your responsibility as a citizen seriously and vote wisely =) Our fate is in everyone's hand...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Double Expresso? Viagra?

When you're dead exhausted like a zombie, and the work you've at hand tells you that you just can't dump it aside and hide under your blanket and sleep like nothing happens.

When you've to analyze this alien from in to out,
and at last master it within a limited duration,
can you go and sleep like an irresponsible bastard?

So, when things hit deadlines, people will go for coffee (as thick as possible, whole bottle of coffee bean with one small cup of water :P), energy pills (which I was told it is sold for RM50, but I couldn't get the source), viagra (nah, I'm not a sex maniac okay, doctors will actually prescribe viagra pills to weak people whose organs like heart couldn't function, but my organs have no problem, so forget about it), luckily I found the below one to save me for years.

Chicken essence with ginseng

Sadly, it just worked for the mere few years, now it did not work for me anymore =.=

Then my mum suggested me to drink this:

Sliced American Ginseng to be dipped into water

However, as I said, I'm running out of time most of the time, so I go for this:

Just swallow it with water,
it will keep me alert for at least half a day

I learned that overdose of any type of ginseng has no adverse effects to our body, but I also don't have so much money to have an overdose of it la =.=

This couple is my savior now :P


Resume my work....

I'm Addicted to...

Gosh, I'm addicted to morphine blogging.... Should I cherish about it? *smile*

85%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Go click it, undergo the test, see how much you're addicted to morphine blogging?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Think Out of The Box

Short Talk:
I saw a Ford saloon with driver's seat on the left when I had my lunch just now, is that legal in Malaysia?

Believe it or not, education especially Malaysian education system puts a very big constraint upon the students' mind. Students just cannot think out of the box, or have a different angles of views towards a particular topic; if you were the one who asked this and that for a particular topic, your teacher/lecturer would surely get pissed off and you'd deserve your consequence in the final exam or assignments. Believe me, many teachers/lecturers just don't like to be challenged as they received the pathetic Malaysian education. I've just seen too many to be counted. What the pathetic student and educator! Who to be blamed? I would say the ones who execute the system.

Those who have the so-called very high and prestigious education are just working for illiterate bosses. Yes, it's undeniable they get a secure and handsome pay every month, but their income will never be a quarter of the boss'.

Anyway, what makes me arise this topic here?

Two things: convex mirror at the side mirror of our cars and lift built outside the building.

First, the convex mirror which makes us have a wider view of our surrounding and blind spots was invented by a form-five-student. And amazingly he is a Malaysian which we must be really proud of. With the mere form five physics, the convex mirror made him gulped down a seven-figure pay for pattern right from a American businessman. How many of us will actually utilize and have a very deep and mature views of that one chapter called "optic"?! What we did is just read it over and over, do as many exercises as possible (for the hardworking ones), to just get an excellent result in that paper. An A can't make you gulp down seven-figure amount of money at once, can it?

We'd be able to see the vehicles at the blind spot
which is trying to cut us, or whatsoever

Normally this is placed at dangerous corner

Second, lift built outside skyscrapers. The story goes like this: once there was a tall building where the lift broke down. And the engineer demanded to stop operation for one or two days for repair. And came this very nobody-pay-attention janitor, she suggested, "why don't have the lift outside, if there is break down in the system, everyone can still be working unaffected (using staircase for the time being =.=)?" This is not something which will rack engineers' brain, neither it's something beyond engineers' ability. However the idea comes from a mere tiny janitor (in many others' eyes). What else can we, the one who is striving for higher and higher education defend?

//no picture for this, there are quite a few in Bukit Bintang area, go see if you wonder what is lift built outside building =.=

Nah, I'm not condemning Malaysian education system. Pardon my pun? *cheers*

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Hand is Numb

Short Talk:
I really can't stand of lectures and tutorial classes anymore!!!

My right hand is numb at this moment -.-




I can't type anymore, let the two pictures below to reveal the answer...

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

My nimble right palm partnered with my very agile index finger to open the link of file, then click "open", followed by "save as" and finally "save" for non-stop to save the above amount of files at one shot. I cant feel my right palm's existent anymore...

Ciao... Away to give physiotherapy to my right hand first before continuing to download another approximate amount of files -.-

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Sweet Narrow Escape

Short Talk:
I really get dreaded of schooling. Skip many classes this week including a three-hour-replacement-lecture this morning. Can I have self study instead?

Gosh, I nearly died due to electric shock!!! Monday, I was boiling water, suddenly the case of the plug on the extension dropped on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it, and I made a conclusion without much thought that the screw was broken. And then I went to my campus hastily.

Just now only I realized it is not that
the screw was broken, but it was burnt!!!

As I was busy with the hectic schedule this week, I didn't have time to go electric appliance shop to get a new extension. And I just continued using the helluva extension to boil water, turn on my speaker and charge my mobile phone battery.

Until today...

I smelt something pungent when I was boiling water. Still I didn't care much. Around 5 pm just now, it was raining cats and dogs with thunders and lightnings. And thus I took out my laptop's plug to avoid it being struck by thunders. Then for this time, only I had time to actually take out the plug of extension and had a careful look at it. To my great horror, the plug was burnt with a hole!!! No wonder I smelt the stale odor just now... At that moment, I just felt myself very fortunate indeed to not get an electric shock, as I kept using it since Monday. Already six days!!!

Look at the burnt hole,
and you should really cherish I'm still alive.

After taking down a few pictures of the extension, quickly I dumped it into the dustbin!!! @.@

Bye bye, you bitch!!!
I feel a great sense of betrayal!!!

Staying out alone is never a good thing. You have to take care of yourself for everything including the very trivial ones like checking if the door is locked, if the plug is taken out before going out, if you really bring the keys out, etc.... =.=

I just can't imagine if I were really shocked to death without anyone's knowing, as I am staying in a single room. By the time my housemates smell pungent odor from my room, I had been dead for many days... Too dramatic huh? Not at all... It's really possible!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Last night, I had a very valuable tuition of photoshop session from my master guru.

And the sweat sweet harvest I gained is the banner I'm using in my blog. I had the three-hour (1am to 4am -.-") online class from him. And right now I'm here typing in my campus. I just had the mere two hours' sleep. I wonder if I can stand till the class of 6pm later.

Update: I'd removed the mentioned banner, so I put it here

Comment constructively please on my banner. I know the wording is not that nice, but I was too exhausted last night and didn't edit it further....

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Single Awareness Day

Happy Valentine's Day for sweet couples out there!

Happy Single Awareness Day for single persons out there!

It's typically bizarre and amusing that many are so happy to spend so much on a very common day of Feb 14. Same applies to Mother's Day and Father's Day. During these three days, flowers and food in restaurants (classy restaurants in particular) will definitely burn a hole in your pocket if you ever patronize the florist shops and restaurants.

Another thing that is closely related to Valentine's Day is the food of love (chocolate). I just wonder if you love your another half (or halves =.=) so much, why are you so eager to sabotage their health (no offense)? Many studies report that chocolate is good for health in helping to prevent heart disease (Malaysians' first killer) and cancers (every four of Malaysians, one is contracted with cancer). But bear in mind, if you read the articles carefully, cocoa is the one which is good for health, and not chocolate. Many actually mistakenly take chocolate as cocoa. Try to think of it, chocolate is processed snack or drink, correct me if you think there are no preservative or excessive sugar in it. So in the way you adore your lover, you are actually sabotaging them. See Feb 14 brings so many adverse effects to us. :(

Nevertheless if you utilize Feb 14 and spend it fruitfully (no chocolate, no great restaurants with the perfectly pleasant ambience, no flowers) with your another half, it certainly will enhance your relationship. There are still many things to give and do la on this particular day.

Anyway may God bless the sweet couples and not to forget to take care of the single persons too!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chinese New Year Activities

Well, this lunar new year is the lamest I ever have. But there were a few happenings which I'd like to share.


After reunion dinner of steamboat at our own home, dad gave each of us (four siblings and my mum) an ang pao, more precisely 'ya sui qian' 压岁钱 in Mandarin. The steamboat was still as great as every year, there were clams, abalones, big prawns, big silver pomfrets, sea cucumbers, fishballs, veges, etc. There were few more but I do not know the name in English. No crabs this year though.

Then I went to meet my friends up at the temple near by my house. We later went to another temple as my friends wanted to pray there. It's kind of a norm for Chinese (Tao) to pray at the temples when the clock strikes 12am right at the first moment of the first day of lunar new year. For those superstitious ones, they are even eager to have their joss sticks to be the first placed in the censers in order to have the greatest luck, fortune, etc presented by the Gods (statues in my view) they pray. But being a free thinker who only trusts myself at this point (still couldn't find a religion I could embrace), I just stood there to watch throngs of people to pray.

Between 11.30 to 12 am, fireworks were played
like they was given free.

This temple is kind of famous in my hometown

Unexpectedly I bumped into my former classmates in high school, almost half class of it. We then went to have a chat in a coffee shop nearby until the shop closed. Some of them then headed to Phei Ping's house (my former classmate) to gamble (chor dee). I didn't join them as I would have to go my uncle's house the next morning. I also found out that more and more of my friends have a partner to cling on already. :) May God bless the sweet couples.

First day of CNY

Woke up after being shaken by my sis. Took a bath and got myself into new pants and blouse, new lingerie too. My mum said everything must be new from top to bottom, from in to out =.=

Cramped into my dad's car and made our way to my uncle's house. Ate non-stop like idiot there. My uncle sort like holding an open house every lunar new year. He is a boss of a paddy farm and a seafood supplier too. Many Malays work for him, so he uses this chance to sort of appreciating them and to make the house even merrier though many relatives gather in his house already. Bear in mind, I use the word 'open house', it is because those who do not work for him, but just same kampung to one of my uncle's worker will come to eat, drink and get ang pao too. =.=

One satay hawker was hired to bbq satays for the comers. 2000 sticks of satay were gobbled down by the visitors in just an hour. I tried my best to eat as many as I could too. But was stopped by my mum, she said I couldn't eat too many, must leave for the Malay comers. =.= I just managed to eat around 15 sticks of satay. The satay and the kuah (sauce) was indeed very delicious, way better than KL and PJ ones.

At 4pm, there was a 'lion dance perfomance' held in my uncle's house. The lion actually made the word of "fa" 发 using Mandarin orange slices. And those aunties and cousins thought it was a 4D, one of my cousin even snapped the picture of the orange slices to have a better study of the 4D later on. =.= No pictures taken as I was too shamed to take out my V3xx mobile phone with 1.3 MPs camera attached. My cousins' camera are too sophisticate!!

At 5pm, my dad was tired and bored, and so we went back to our own house without having dinner with my uncle, auntie and cousins.

Another thing which made me happy was I get a RM1000 ang pao from my uncle. Perhaps it's little for most of the people, but for me, it's definitely a lot.

Second day of CNY

Awaken by the blaring of TV, my parents were watching the feng shui guru to elaborate the luck of the 12 Chinese horoscope throughout the year of Rat.

Then right before we were about to go to my maternal grandma's place, my paternal third uncle paid us a visit. He chatted trivial things with my parents and asked about our studies progress and performance. Before he left, he handed on thick ang paos to four of us. Another RM1000 =)

We then went to my grandma's house. Chatted with my cousins and ate laksa. I ate two big bowls of laska. My auntie's laksa is way better than any laksa that we can get outside.

Later we went to pray in a temple in Kuala Gula, a place near my grandma's house. We fitted ourselves in 4 cars! Sort like making a parade to the temple. The temple was founded decades ago and is very famous. It is also well-known for its heaven and hell landmark.

The main entrance of the temple

Climb up the staircase to see the human-made hill of Gods
(Gods stay in that hill)

The huge Kuan Yin statue stands
beside the hill of Gods

Later together with my cousins, we visited the heaven and hell while my mum and aunties were resting at a pavilion. No pictures taken, as I was forbid by my mum to do so. We were even warned not to say something bad, keep our mouth shut for the best. =.= This is normal in Chinese families (Tao) to not irritate those Gods and Ghosts.

Breathtaking scenery taken from the heaven place

After dinner, I went back while my mum stayed overnight at my grandma's place. I left as I wanted to study for test and to do homework. But at the end, I was watching HK series diligently. =.= My dad was speechless of my behavior.

Fourth day of CNY

Made my way back to PJ by train at night (will blog about it in the coming post). My friend, Gin Hwa who is good in bakery gave me some cakes. They were mouth-watering!!!

The cocoa cake (positioned at the middle)
is made without using flour

I never expected I could write this long, at first I was thinking of letting the pictures do the talking but ended up crapping so much. Anyway though I didn't have anything excited during the CNY, I was still happy as I could gather with my family and relatives again to cherish the most important festive season.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

2008 is a year of rat or mouse (if you like to call it), but definitely not a year of hamster, right? As far as I know, there are twelves Chinese zodiac signs represented by different animals, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. And until now, I think there is no new animal to take over rat. Correct me if I'm wrong. But this year, as the year of rat, many actually mistakenly take hamster as rat in the decorations.

Tell me if the one being circled
is not a hamster

Besides, something has puzzled me for years. Why most of the CNY decorations in word are upside down? What does that mean in particularly?

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year 2008!!! Be the new year full of joy, health and wealth!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Suffix and Prefix of "LAN"

I was just learned that any word start and end with "LAN" is a vulgarity.

When LAN stands alone, it means "Local Area Network". Same applies to those words with prefix and suffix of "LAN", they are just Local Area Nonsense.

Tulan-Very frustrated
Sample sentence- I was very tulan with his selfish and kiasu attitude.

Sample sentence- He is not welcomed because he is very lanlit.

Sample sentence-
Person A: John banged his head to the glass door and had 30 stitches on his head.
Person B: So lanhiamp ah? Is he okay now?

I was scolded just now for saying lanhiamp.... I was innocent, okay?! I didn't know it's a vulgarity... Kenny also used tulan for 'n' times la....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cliche 3

"The Earth is round. Now you're on top of the world; 24 hours later, you're upside down"

Perhaps this may explain why we always have ups and downs as we progress throughout our life. I used the word "progress". If we stay stagnant, then I think our life will not be enlightened by the joy of the so called roller-coaster ups and downs....

I'm not sure if this cliche contradicts with the book (The World is Flat) I'm reading now. Hopefully I can do a comparison after I finish reading the book. It may take me quite a time because I want to have a serious reading of it.