Saturday, October 31, 2009


This helluva pair of spectacles saves my nine-month hellish life of headache and dizziness!

I thought I got a cancer as my headache was severe... Really got to thank this pair of glasses...

Anyway, all because of money!! Money solves problems, money mitigate problems!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Elegance is an Attitude

(enlarge for clearer view)

Agree? (I don't)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


can they make you stronger?

This time,

can I?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Today was a movie night for my company.

There is one movie night every month, and we can ask our spouse or one friend to join. There is also a team dinner too before the movie..

Before the movie, I had a hearty dinner at Pavilion, a glass of iced lemon tea, a club sandwich and a piece of banana chocolate cake with a scoop of ice-cream! And of course had some fun time chatting with colleagues.

When I was nearing GSC cinema, guess what?!, I bumped into Nuffnang Timothy and his Princess!!! So unexpected!!! I actually screamed Tim's name to my friend, and this caught Tim's attention. He turned and approached us. We shook hand. My friend told him I am his loyal blog reader. He then asked about our names and where are we working, etc. Then I also greeted Tim's Princess.. Tim was so loving that he hugged Princess when I greeted her and he said "Yea my princess". He gave us a slight bow before leaving. He is humble and friendly!

We were watching this cartoon, my boss likes this type of movie. He said movies can release stress...

Well, my "review" for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, is, ermm, quite humorous.

Hmnn, this is my Friday... A different Friday. A Friday in KL...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is the second one that I have... I have put one in the office.... I just knew that pink one was finished!!! How can I have the full collection then?

Monday, October 5, 2009


A pang of nostalgia is hitting me...

Listening all these songs --a, b, c, d now... to accompany my quiet night of doing revision...

Not sure if you have the same kind of childhood as mine... Enjoy if you do...

We are seeking here and there, exploring here and there at the stake of our health at times; we always want to be successful, but success really needs us to pay a great price.

Actually, many times, after falling and get injured then only we realize in the end , what we want is just simplicity.

Life is simple. Cheers. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Environment

Woohoo! Working is fun albeit it is bloodily tiring! My internship has just started for two days. I love it!

On the first day, I went to work with friends by LRT though they all are working in Great Eastern. We left home at 7am to catch the bus and then boarded LRT, it was extremely packed. The night before, I was too excited and didn't allow myself to rest earlier, rendering me to be a zombie the next day. =.= I bid goodbye to my friends after I reached KLCC station. The feeling was hellishly heavy. Somehow I have the feeling like what I had during early foundation, whereby everything is so new to me, from the place, people, to things I do. Well, I reached Suria at 8am and then shopped around in Guardian. After that I quickly made my way to JP Wall. Nobody was there yet when I reached (830am)! I was waiting for around 15 minutes before one colleague arrived. Her first sentence is "Don't come so early next time." @@ She saw me so bored, then threw 2 books for me to read since she is not the one in-charged of me. Then my colleagues, gradually came to work after 9am. The culture in my working place is "don't come earlier than 9am but stay much later than 5pm". @@ After that, I was asked to do a worksheet based on things I read. Basically things I read were reserve valuation, risk margin, risk-based capital, but I was only asked to practice on reserve. Bosses were having meeting outside in the morning, so I didn't get to see them until 3pm and they were so busy with their work with my colleagues, and so I didn't have chance to talk to them much. That goes the first day of my work.

On the second day, I'm smarter. Woke up at 730am to get myself prepared, then left for LRT at 815am. :) Reached the working place at 855am, one colleague was there only. After the colleagues arrived to work, I was told I have not much to do, so I was allowed to study my own things. This did not end up so, but at drastic 180 degree of it. I was asked to modify/beautify graphs that my colleague had problem on it. At 1pm, we had a team meeting. It was "show and tell" time, whereby we shared our helluva interesting experience for the past week and things worth learning to others. My boss, Gary asked me how was my day in JP Wall and if the environment is too terrifying for me. He always mentions there is no noise in the office. He even "suggested" me to bring some balloons or games to play. =.= We then headed for lunch (yea, JP Wall has late lunch everyday, culture again), a Japanese lunch, Gary paid. =P During the lunch, Keith (the new colleague from HK) and I became the target of interviewees. A nice lunch though, got to know each others and remember their names. After the lunch, but before finishing the graphing thingy (I took long time to figure it out, as I was damn weak at Excel graphing =.=), another colleague asked me to update some tables and predict the severity/frequency for next year. It is used to do pricing. After that, I was asked to build a table and do some research (which ended up not doing so as I have no internet access, and my colleague did not seemingly manage to get me one computer with internet access). There goes my second day.

All in all, I really enjoy working if I have no exam. =.= I love JP Wall, as I feel the culture is good, not much gossip, everyone is conversing in English, everyone is serious at work, we have "show and tell" session to share our experience, etc

Gary today shared with us Principle 80/20 during the "show and tell" session. He said our 80% significant performance/successes come from 20% effort; surprisingly, our 20% insignificant performance comes from 80% effort. He then said, "Please maximize the 20% time and effort, then we will be much happier". :) I like this, many times, we really do spend lots of time on those time-consuming task which contributes not much to our goal. Yet, we cannot say we don't want to do it, it is still our obligation, etc, so the best thing is we maximize the 20% effort or time to maximize our 80% significant successes. :)

I love this journey. I hope to learn more. I hope to get rid of the hellish campus life. :)