Saturday, August 4, 2012

Phuket Trip Day 1 and Day 2

Foreword: The first half of 2012 was an eventful one. I travelled to Shanghai and the cities nearby as well as Phuket. And the most rewarding one is I passed one of the two exams left; I am officially left with one! 

At this juncture, I am typing with MacBook Air. Yea! You don't hear me wrong. I didn't know I have been wanting to experience Apple products so much until Alvin told me so. I think I had been subduing my subconscious mind.. *laugh*

Okay.. This post is about the interesting Phuket trip! I think after I was back from Phuket, I saw many friends posting their Phuket trips on Facebook as well, I guess this is credited to AirAsia. It seems there is a trend in traveling to a particular destination, all I could think of is AirAsia again~

Without further ado, let's me start with Day 1. 

We (Alvin, Shane and I) reached the airport at seaside (duh~) at around 4pm and was welcomed by the agency staff to send us to Alfesco Hotel in Patong. 

A new and neat hotel after 2008 Tsunami
(After Tsunami, a lot of budget hotels were constructed nearby Patong beach. Those hotels' room rate are really affordable and the service is good too)

The first day was a free-and-easy one. After showering, we met up with our another two friends (Alicia and Yee Voon) who reached earlier to start our dinner exploration. We took the Tuk Tuk service provided by the hotel to Patong beach, and had our first seafood dinner there (while we were still loaded with Thai baht). The dinner was sumptuous! 

Not only seafood, we sampled the famous Thai cuisine of Phat Thai, green curry, Tom Yam Kung and pineapple fried rice. After the dinner, we strolled along the street and tried the crispy chocolate pancake by the roadside. 

Yummy~ I miss it...
It is nice but might be a ban for those people on diet. 

We started our Day 2 with breakfast in the hotel and then a cam-whoring session at the swimming pool on top of the hotel. 

Yee Voon at the back and Alicia at the front

Delightful Shane on the left
After that we went for a city tour with the friendly tour guide. I think she is up-to-date as she always offered us to snap our jumping post. 

Just in case if you don't know what is jumping pose
Patong beach is the most famous beach in Phuket, definitely not for her scenery, but for her nightlife and convenience of accommodation etc. So we bypassed Patong.

We went to Karon Beach and thought it is the ever best beach we visited not knowing the best are saved for the last (coming Day 3 and Day 4). We then proceeded to View Point where we can have a spectacle view of 3 bays - Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. 

Five of us at View Point
We then went to Chalong Temple where there were a lot of devotees visitors praying and getting some hints for their future undertaking by shaking out a stick indicating good, medium and bad luck. 

After that, we made our way to the Big Buddha. 

Before lunch, we were brought to do something which stimulates Thai economy, that is shopping at a souvenir shop and junk food shop. We then loaded our stomach with Thai cuisine before stimulating the economy again at a T-shirt factory. 

Getting ready to wolf down the nice food
We ended our city tour with a sight-seeing in Phuket Old Town. 

After a short while of rejuvenating in hotel (dancing and bathing), we went to the fairy-tale theme park, Fantasea! 

Fantase Theme Park, unique~
The ladies 
The gentlemen
We granted our stomach with lots of chicken in the buffet dinner at Golden Kinnare before visiting all the spots in Fantasea. 

Last but not least, we watched the interesting traditional show too in the magnificent building below.

Stay tuned for Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.