Saturday, February 26, 2011

Broga Hill, Semenyih

As said I am in the midst of getting rid of sedentary lifestyle. At Thursday night, I invited my foundation studies friends - Kelvin, Foong Kheng and Ken Wee to climb the recently well-known Broga Hill. They agreed without any hesitation. This morning, at the wee hours, we departed.

Started our hiking journey at 510am in the total darkness, but the trail was full of panting from hikers. We stopped a few times at few peaks to enjoy the night scenery. Of course, in between, we did help each other to conquer the steep parts.

We reached the peak of the peaks before dawn but didn't manage to even catch the glimpse of the breaking of dawn as the sun was blocked by cloud and also trees.



We then came down to the second peak as it was too crowded up there and took a group picture with the evidence that we conquered Broga Hill!

Looking back, it is really steep but we didn't know that when going up as it was in pitch dark. Sometimes, we can do things successfully and without fear when we don't know the danger.

Beyond words

We really have the responsibility to
preserve the beauty of nature.

Little outings not only avoid us from being couch potato but also can improve our friendship/social network!


Anonymous said...

So should we do things without knowing the consequences of failing so that we can succeed?

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Hehe.. perhaps dont go to the extreme.. over-considering hinders us from too much of things.. if we never step our foot out, we never know how easy things can be...