Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Activities @@

Have been eating this and that as well as spending money profligately recently. @@

Three weeks ago, I went to meet Shane after he was back from USA in Sunway Pyramid.

Exquisite souvenir from Shane.
He bought this when he was having transit in Japan

Then headed to Tony Roma's to have a try of the New York Strip for lunch.

I rated it 7. Still TGI Friday's the best!

Accompanied a friend to buy formal suit. Ended up buying one set for myself too, as Padini is having value buy for formal suit.

I know I'm fat. @@

As the pants is a bit too long for me, I left it there for alteration. (hemming, of course =.=||) For the purpose of collecting the pants, I went MidValley again, and had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. The dory fillet was so-so. But the rice was terrible.

I rated it as 4.

Well, okay. Let me tell you my benchmark. I set KFC and McD as 5; TGI Friday's as 9-10; Tony Roma's as 7. So you may know how "terrible" it was. But honestly speaking, the fillet was really quite okay, the rice had dragged down the overall rating.

while waiting for food =.=

Had a spur of mood to cook spaghetti and so went to buy the necessary ingredients in Carrefour after the dinner.

Delicious, according to my friend. *smile*