Friday, February 26, 2010

Peculiar Longing

When I was in primary school, some friends mentioned they were admitted to hospital before due to fever, small operation, etc... And guess what, I wished I could also stay in a hospital for one or two nights to make myself "equal experienced" with my peers! @@I was wondering hard why everyone was so "blessed" that they could be admitted to hospital while I didn't have the chance. *speechless*

Luckily I am really blessed that I have never been admitted to hospital besides when I was born (that one not admitted, by the way). And now when I know more about insurance, how I appreciate that my parents take good care of me and how blessed I am that I have zero hospital admission and so it eases the insurance procedures. *winks*

Sometimes, good or not good is really hard to be judged.... Perhaps should learn from Jackie Chan in his Little Big Soldier that when we encounter everything, we should have the spirit of facing it with positive mind of saying "quite good".... 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 10, 2010

Well, I will slowly blog about events before and after the Chinese New Year. I failed most of the resolutions, so I am now doing the redeeming work. *grin* (I am scolded that I am too lazy and put too little effort on my big and ambitious goals) 

I am influenced by Shane recently that photos must be editted to make them presentable. So I took some time to edit, upload, and blog. 

I yearned for pizza from Pizza Hut for quite some time, and always I could not make myself step into Pizza Hut due to many random and sudden reasons. And finally, on Feb 10, 2010, I went to Pizza Hut in Mid Valley to enjoy the sumptuous meal with my friend.  

After we wandered shopped around for a while, we were attracted by a crowd in Central Court and so being someone kiasu, I pushed myself as front as possible to the stage to have a look on the acrobatic show. A nice show indeed. Chinese from China are really talented, they can make a lot of awesome things which make you wow

For more, visit here

We then came to this stall which was so reddish. Wanted to buy some calves back home but they were so expensive. 

After some window shopping, we then went home.... 

It is quite merry to have pre new year celebration in cities, as shopping complexes will hold various kind of performance and celebration. But it is never fun to celebrate it when it is on the day itself. Things always have pros and cons. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maybank @@

When I was young and naive, I always thought savings let us earn a lot, a lot... Many years later, we will get affluent.

When I know more about economics, I know that inflation is higher than interest gained. And thus, many years later, we will get poorer.

When I know more about Maybank, to my horror!, it devours our savings explicitly! If we don't deposit for one year, it will deduct RM10 from our savings! WTH My mom told me bank sent this "warning statement" but I thought bank was kidding to me, until I went yesterday to help deposit my siblings' account and deposit RM50 to "reactivate" my Maybank account so that I can use it for Etiqa online transaction, and get the savings passbooks printed, I only realized my account was deducted RM20! And guess what for the two years, I only got less than one buck interest!

I don't know why only Maybank implements this, while other banks are fine with no deposits. This is ridiculous for me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Think Win-Win

Another interesting excerpt from The 8th Habit:

I came across another commonly misaligned system while speaking to a group of about eight hundred at their annual convention. In their system, only thirty of the eight hundred received rewards - thirty of eight hundred! I turned to the president and said, "Didn't you hire all of these people to be winners?"

"Did you hire any losers?"
"You have seven hundred seventy losers tonight."
"Well, they didn't win the contest."
"They are losers."
"Because of the way you are thinking? It's win-lose."
"What else could you do?"
"Make them all winners. Where did you get the concept that you have to have contests? Don't you have enough competition in the marketplace?"
"Well, that's the way life is."
"Really. How's your relationship with your wife? Who is winning?"
"Some days she wins. Some days I win."

I said, "Is that the kind of modelling you want to give to your kids for their futures? Come on."
He said, " How do I do it with compensation?"

I said, "Set up an individualized win-win performance agreement with every person and every team. If they accomplish the desired results, they win."

This is so true. Even in our lives, we tend to choose man among boys. But this doesn't only discourage those "boys", we cannot gain the maximum benefit. I think perhaps we should not be kiasu, but try to think win-win and exploit the bestest result from it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre Chinese New Year Thought

When small, I used to think that, with Chinese New Year, everything stops operating. People close shop is the most apparent one (market, bank, school, offices, factories, coffee shops, restaurants...)

However, I later learnt from dad that things are not like that. People still operate as usual, the most, they only rest on first or second day of new year. 

I then slowly learn that, this is also same to securities market and all kind of illegal investment speculating markets. 

What I am wondering now is, as, Chinese population is growing (not sure) but it is very big, will our feeling during festival affect the trading actitivies? 

Well, my main point is, will our feeling affect trading/investment during festive season? If yes, to what extent? 

Pre Chinese New Year Thought

Well, I was kinda excited as chinese new year is creeping in. But as time is passing, I start to think what should I do during the one week holiday to get the maximum benefits. But roughly, I wish to

1. Blog about Langkawi Trip

2. Blog about Genting Trip

3. Start a bit on my two assignments

4. Finish reading two books

5. Exercise at least 4 days in the one week

6. Meet up with my whacky gang

This really sounds great! Castles upon castles are built on the air. =.=

Hopefully I really can have a fruitful chinese new year. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Identity Dilemma

Have been tired and bored, for quite a while, of being clad with the mask of nostalgia.jesskang. 

Perhaps after watching Avatar (two days ago), I am suddenly questioned of my identity...  

Does this mask still represent me?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have been struggling for quite a while as Chinese New Year is around the corner. Chinese New Year for most of the Chinese outstation is to go back their perhaps already alien hometown for reunion, it is meant to be a very merry and warm festival. 

Unexpectedly, a pang of confusing feeling hit me as I think of Chinese New Year this time. It mainly reminds me of my root. For those who are closed with me, they know I wish to go overseas very much. I might be someone who is ambitious likes to build castleS in the air. I always feel the land overseas is a green pasture. I always feel people abroad are more polite, more liberal, more considerate etc. To what extent they are true, I have no energy to argue here.

But, try to ponder on the followings:

1. Do you feel bored after eating spaghetti, steak, sandwiches for quite a while? And out of sudden, what you want is the cheap RM5 mixed rice at the chinese stall? 

2. Do you get sick of tonnes of english songs played everyday in your ears? And out of sudden, you go and download some chinese songs to listen? 

3. Do you find yourself worn-out of the rat race and suffocating environment? And out of sudden, what you want is to go back home to have some leisure time? (This applies even if your home is in any cities)

After a while, for someone who is looking forward, I begin to doubt, having my family here and pursuing prosperous future is really that fascinating. 

I begin to miss my family.

I begin to trace back my root.


P/S: Sometimes, we really do not need to wait until we come to the stage of "For what is a man profited, having gained the whole world, but having lost or forfeited himself?" and realize we need to go home. :)


I am not sure about others, but for me, I simply don't like appendices. It is like I've finished reading when I reach the last page of epilogue or the last page of the last chapter. I always treat appendices as reference, bibliography and all kind of rubbish. I am not sure if this is due to the environment I am being brought up. 

Well lazy people like to give excuses, no?

What it discourages the most is when I study a small portion, it directs me to this chart, that diagram, this table, that figures on some other pages! I cannot really understand already, still have to be brought round the bushes! 

This is the first time i force, beat myself to get through the hellish appendices! Argh... Forcing myself is a torture for me!!! Appendices are simply too important for me at the moment... 

*Really feel like crying*


If you say sleeping 12 hours a day for two consecutive days is lazy;

If you say being a student loading with assignments and exams but never look into the syllabus and format is lazy;

If you say refusing to eat just because the weather is hot and the stall is far is lazy;

If you say not charging the phone just because afraid the phone will be over-charged due the long-hour-sleep is lazy;

Shamefully, I not only fulfill all the above, but I am even lazy to open accounts in some exam forums, edit pictures from trips and dinners due to slow computer processor! 

Well, I guess lazy people like to give endless excuses for not doing this and that. WAKE ME UP PLEASE! I need to slap myself...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


We almost spend more than 12 hours a day on various kind of communication, be it reading, writing, speaking or listening. While we think we are good in listening, we are actually suckers in it. Let's see people around us or even ourselves, since young, we are exposed to or attend some communication trainings for reading, speaking, and writing, but never listening! 

When one speaks, automatically, we will voice out immediately our view without really putting ourselves in the speaker's shoes. We never think from the speaker's frame of reference. In short. this is what the author of The 8th Habit said, we don't have empathic listening. We never let the speaker speaks until he/she feels understood, and we start voicing out our never humble opinions. When we are asked to restate what the speaker says, most of the time, the speaker would say we have misunderstood him/her. In short, pride and ego drive us to such an extent. We would give the excuse that the speaker has deviated from the agendas, the speaker should not this and that, and so we should this and that... But how many times, it is because of us, which causes the speaker to have no chance to convey the message intended? 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Do We Defend Ourselves When We Pray?

Very enlightened in this small part of The 8th Habit I am reading: 

It is about forgiving... And it says that forgiveness always entails a sacrifice. It further says that "It isn't the poisonous snake bite that does the serious harm. It's chasing that snake that drives the venom to the heart". So many times, we stand firm on our principle that we would not forgive the other party until they seek forgiveness from us. But actually things just respond on how we respond on the things. Often, we pray "Oh Lord... this and that.. this this this.... Oh Lord.. If not of this... I would not be that... Oh Lord... I know I need to apply Your precious blood and go to the cross... But Lord... But Lord..." Etc etc.. we have so many buts... How many times do we really apply the precious blood and repent? How many times, do we not defend our SELF? 

This is what CS Lewis said:


And the excuse that immediately springs to mind is that the provocation was so sudden or unexpected. I was caught off my guard, I had no time to collect myself.. Surely what a man does when he is taken off guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is. 


If there are rats in the cellar you are most likely to see them if you go in very suddenly. But the suddenness does not create the rats; it only prevents them from hiding. In the same way the suddenness of the provocation does not make me an ill-tempted man: it only shows me what an ill-tempered man I am.

And he concluded that "we realize that everything which really needs to be done in our souls can be done only by God". 

Very striking indeed.... Oh Lord...

Good Samaritan

Yesterday, my friend and I came back home by foot from campus. While we were chatting happily, we saw big drops starting to fall from the sky! And, I had yet 700m to reach home, whereas my friend had yet 1km! There was no taxi, no a single soul except us. Luckily, in a few seconds, we saw a big car coming in our direction. I quickly urged my friend to thumb for a leave, but at the same time, we were shy. Nonetheless, out of silliness again, and trying luck, we thumbed for a leave. =.= The car, however, drove past us. BUT, it stopped in front of us! 

We were so jubilant! Like kids, we quickly ran towards the car. We told the driver where we were heading, and then tried to open the door. We were so silly until the driver opened the door for us. It was automated! The car is really spacious! When we hopped on the car, we saw the driver watching Avatar! Though the screen is small, but the video played was very sharp. (well, these few sentences are a bit discordant)

We didn't chat much with the driver, he seemed to be a stern person, and soon we were dropped off...

Well, I met Samaritan, again and again, it simply makes me think that.. there are still good Samaritans :) And rich people can be kind! 

P/S: By the way, the car was the luxurious Toyata Estima :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Financial Milestone

A milestone in my financial planning - I start to have savings in etiqa takaful (Mesra Plan). 

The agent told me "Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit". (Many a little makes a mickle)... 

Though I study actuarial science, I still don't know how to manage funds. I notice this happens to my peers too. I guess this is why behavioral finance worth a Nobel prize? Well, of course, behavioral finance is more than this. From my understanding, it is more to investment, irrational investment. *winks

Well, I am not here to show off on my pathetic saving plan, but it is really good to have some financial planning, just my two cents. 

Tiger Woo Hoo

Finally went to watch Tiger Woo Hoo after it has been aired for a month! 

A simple yet meaningful story.

And guess what!? After the movie had ended, the audience were still there, watching the snapshots to the end! 

Not only movie, I was on a shopping spree today!!! Gotta eat bread for the whole month! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Board Meeting

Bored meeting..

(I accidentally read board meeting as bored meeting when I took up a book beside me right after I just woke up, when I was in the mode of :O)...