Friday, February 5, 2010

Good Samaritan

Yesterday, my friend and I came back home by foot from campus. While we were chatting happily, we saw big drops starting to fall from the sky! And, I had yet 700m to reach home, whereas my friend had yet 1km! There was no taxi, no a single soul except us. Luckily, in a few seconds, we saw a big car coming in our direction. I quickly urged my friend to thumb for a leave, but at the same time, we were shy. Nonetheless, out of silliness again, and trying luck, we thumbed for a leave. =.= The car, however, drove past us. BUT, it stopped in front of us! 

We were so jubilant! Like kids, we quickly ran towards the car. We told the driver where we were heading, and then tried to open the door. We were so silly until the driver opened the door for us. It was automated! The car is really spacious! When we hopped on the car, we saw the driver watching Avatar! Though the screen is small, but the video played was very sharp. (well, these few sentences are a bit discordant)

We didn't chat much with the driver, he seemed to be a stern person, and soon we were dropped off...

Well, I met Samaritan, again and again, it simply makes me think that.. there are still good Samaritans :) And rich people can be kind! 

P/S: By the way, the car was the luxurious Toyata Estima :)

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