Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 25, 2007 (Part 1)

Does this look familiar to you? If you have no slightest idea of what building is this, or where is it, then I doubt how do you pass your History... *grins* I had been in Malacca for two days with Kynne, Shuzhen, Gin Hwa and Alan. It was a nice trip indeed and I hope to pen down the sweet memories.

September 25, 2007
I finally switched off my laptop and quickly packed my brief luggage and then crawled to bed. Sleeping for just an hour and I was awaken by my friend's sms telling me he has updated his blog. -.- I tossed and turned for half an hour but can't get to sleep, and so I switched on my laptop to check blog again. After an hour, I switched off my laptop, made sure I had set my alarm to 05:30 because we would kick off at 06:30 to avoid traffic jam. I was tossing and turning on my bed for another two hours(at least) and finally I got to sleep. Phew... I was awaken again by my phone but it was not alarm; it was Kynne calling me!!! *sweat* It was 06:30 and I still hadn't gotten myself ready. After apologizing to Kynne, I quickly brushed up myself and grabbed my luggage, and torn down the staircase and crawled into Kynne's car. It was 07:00 that time. -.-

Luckily only I was late, others were punctual, we were still able to avoid the morning traffic jam. While on the way to Malacca, we asked each other what time we slept the night before and all said "I can't sleep, I only sleep for few hours" *grins* Were we too excited? Personally I didn't feel I was excited as it was normal for me to go travelling with friends but some how I couldn't find the underlying reason why I couldn't get to sleep though I had only 3-hour-sleep on the day of my last paper.

With Kynne's great skill, we arrived at Malacca at 09:00 safely. *grins* And so we started our food hunting cum travelling mission! While waiting for Kynne to park his car, the aroma of the chicken rice from the restaurant nearby hit our nostrils; we couldn't help but our drools streamed down our chin ceaselessly. Without any delay, we head to the famous chicken rice ball shop to have our breakfast first.

Our first meal. Perhaps I have too high expectation on it as I was told it is beyond praise, some how I find this only slightly above average.

09:45 to 12:00
We walked around Malacca town and snapped many pictures. The town is reallly well decorated and clean. I felt safe there too as there were police patroling using helicopter, car, horse and of course on foot! They are friendly too, they tried their best to answer our every question. Whenever we were doubt of which direction to take to arrive at one destination we'd go into the tourist police station. *grins*

With Shuzhen


Outside Malacca Sultanate Palace

From left: Alan, Gin Hwa, Shuzhen and me outside Pahlawan Square

Friendly police with fluent English!!!

He could ride horse while on duty. I wished to ride also!!! Some how he complained about the hot weather. *sweat*

I felt myself getting dehyrated after walking under the hot sun for two hours. And so we walked to the stall in front of the fountain to have ais kacang and cendol. We couldn't find a stall named"Menggis Cendol" so we just managed to eat the normal ais kacang and cendol.

After rejuvenating ourselves, we walked along the Jonker Street to buy some souvernirs. I was amazed by the shops in Malacca. The owners seem like putting in a lot of efforts to make their shop as unique as possible. I really enjoyed "shopping" there though some of the stuffs there were expensive.

Above are some of the unique design of butique and souvenir shops.

Our lunch was chicken rice ball as well but at different restaurant!! *smile* Most of them said this morning one was better but I felt both had their different styles, both were nice too. After getting ourselves full, we continued to shop again for another one to two hours. At around 15:00 we found we couldn't drag ourselves on anymore; hence, we checked in hotel to rest for a while and plan where to go and what to eat later.

Many celebrities had been here before

To be continued....

Monday, September 24, 2007

izzi? BLOODY!!!

After eating this spaghetti carbonara, Kynne said "never izzi again" -.-

This spaghetti bolognese is chef recommended but it tastes worse than those in SS2 Murni!!!

Why there is only half? No idea at all!! Kynne said Nestle espresso tastes stronger than this DOUBLE expresso...

It looks bloody nice but tastless(according to Kelvin). For your information, it's cappuccino...

Dude, what are you capturing?

My hp was running out of battery, so couldn't capture all the bloody things in izzi -.-

Keep capturing izzi's waitresses?

I will only call this "edible" -.- This tiny piece costs me RM12.90

The kitchen looks quite clean! Indeed there was written "GREAT SERVICE" and "GREAT FOOD"

The interior design is not bad, indeed I would say it's bloody nice(if and only if without the diners' noise -.-)

So happy when I found out izzi would open a branch in Uptown! Desperately waiting for it to operate... And so today together with Kelvin and Kynne, I had my dinner there.

Shack will 'cry' seeing these!!!

I have no idea at all why food and drink in izzi taste so bloody!!! Only the desserts are 'edible'. *grins* The reason for this is because it's a branch?

p/s: Sorry the pictures are out of order. I'm lazy to sort them...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Have you wondered how lucky we are?

While I was bored blog-surfing aimlessly last two night, I stumbled over an entry of a friend of mine, and found it particularly meaningful. It is written in mandarin and I have no problems with that, but I know I have quite a few banana friends who may really need a translation of the piece of writing. However, again, I know if I were ever to do the translation, it surely will turn out to be bloody! So I asked help from Shack, and here are both mandarin and english versions.

After reading both these pieces of writing, I felt ashamed of myself, as I always complained this and that for no reasons most of the time. *sigh*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Catch Me if I Fall

Ooh I need someone to hold me
I need someone to take my hand
Who always understands
You will never that someone
Who’s always by my side
To shelter me with pride
I will keep searching till I’ve found
Someone who never lets me down
Someone to catch me if I fall
To see me through it all
Someone to depend upon
I can always call
Someone who makes me strong
Who shows me right from wrong
Someone always standing tall
Someone who will catch me if I fall

I need you to protect me
Instead of begging me to stay
You’re pushing em away
Time to end this disillusion
I need to find out for myself
Before I cry for help
Until I find someone who cares
Someone who’ll always will be there

Someone to catch me if I fall
To see me through it all
Someone to depend upon
I can always call
Someone who makes me strong
Who shows me right from wrong
Someone always standing tall
Someone who will catch me if I fall

I know you think I’m on the run
But I’m just looking for the one

Who’ll catch me if I fall
Who’ll see me through it all
Someone to depend upon
I can always call
Someone who makes me strong
Who shows me right from wrong
Someone always standing tall
Someone who will catch me if I fall

Have I found that "someone"? Yes. It's my family and perhaps me myself!!! Nobody else will ever understand me, forgive me and catch me if I fall...

Truly, Madly, Deeply Sad

Today(oops I mean Tuesday) is definitely not my day. I was having my first paper this morning. I entered the exam hall with hope (who else not) but came out with a shattered heart. I think I don't need to continue, you will make a good guess of how was my performance :(

I'd been grumbling for quite a long time to Kelvin (thanks for lending me your ears), but I'm still truly, madly, deeply sad. I finished the paper half an hour earlier and thus I went back to the front part to continue one small part question. It took me 20 minutes, I was so near yet far from the answer. Seeing it was unlikely I would get the answer, I quickly glanced through my answer script and to have a shock when I realized I hadn't done one 7-mark question. And thus with the remaining 5 minutes I tried my best to finish that question but that time I was so panic. I still came out with the answer(it's a proving question). However, after the invigilator collected the script from me, I tried the question again, and luck was really not at my side, I think I'd done that question wrongly. I went round the bush to reach the answer but actually it can be done in 4 steps (with my clear and calm mind after the exam). Sigh.

Besides, there was another proving question which carried 8 marks and truly, deeply, madly sad to say that I did that question wrongly again. It was in note but the lecturer had no time to cover it, and I took the effort to seacrh in text book and ask my friend the day before, but still couldn't get the answer. Again, luck was not at my side, that question came out today. *Haiz*

Discrete Math is definitely a gone case. What makes me so upset is that I scored quite well for the coursework(34.5/40) but at the end let 'A' slip through my hands. I hate myself so much now. I know I could amend the situation if I were hardworking during the study leave. Everything is too late for me now... I have no mood for the following papers. Allow me to be rude, all I want to say now is "shit shit shit. Shit Discrete Math"

Truely, madly, deeply sad..........

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Ever since I watched Triumph in the Skies, I have been looking for the above Triangel. I saw once in Penang Megamall, but those Triangels were made in China and looked fake. -.- My cousin said she saw in UK but I never mentioned about the Triangel to her until she came back from UK. So if you ever saw the original version of the above Triangel, please tell me. There are many type of Triangels but I only want the above one. Thanks.

p/s: I know the picture above is quite blurred, but this is the only picture I can find.