Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Random Post

Bought a cartridge today, a color one. Actually I don't really need it, as I rely more on black only. But as the printer was running out of the color ink, and it caused me a big trouble on Thursday, I have no choice but to buy it. Here the story comes:

I was toiling at my speech outline (which was to be submitted on Thursday) from Monday night. It was really time consuming as I had to do a lot of researches to support my points. Luckily there were friends to give me ideas and edit it with me. Thanks Ewe Chin, Shane, CC (new pal) and Kenwee. By 5am on Thursday, I finally finished the outline. I was dead exhausted that time, and just printed it out without much polishing. Sleeping for two and the half hours, I woke up, hoping to have a last glance at my outline. I was so elated (exaggerating) that I finally found some better phrase/words/structure to improve parts of my speech which I couldn't think of any the night before. Perhaps mental-block is the word. Quickly I changed them, and it was 7.45am. I had class at 8.30am where I needed to hand in my outline. When I was about to print, my lousy printer just couldn't work! It was running out of color ink. But I just put in the new black cartridge the night before. And it worked well, if not how could I print it the night before. Perhaps that time, the color ink was running low, but not yet flat.

And I pressed the error button a few times, it still couldn't work! Being frustrated and helpless, I found I couldn't fix it in such a short period anymore, and without wasting any time, I had a rushed bath. It was 8.45am that time. And so inserting the outline into my folder case, and throwing the folder case into my bag, I quickly flew to the main road to catch a cab. As always, when you need a cab, it is always not there for you. Being desperate, I stood at the divider, to increase the probability I get a cab in a shorter time. 3 minutes passed and still I couldn't get one. It was about to rain cats and dogs soon as well, as the sky was so clouded, and it was drizzling. As the saying goes, lightning doesn't strike twice, finally I got a cab! But but, it was jammed that time, all the cars were inching towards the roundabout. I'm doubtful the news of Malaysians drive less. At the same time I received a message from my friend saying that marks wouldn't be given if the speech was to be submitted later than 9.30am. The idiom, like the ants in hot pants described me no more. I reached my campus back gate at 9.05am, and I just asked the driver to drop me there, quickly, I ran to my class as fast as my feeble legs could carry me.

What a day =.=|| Had a sumptuous breakfast with my friend after the class, I was dizzy all that one hour in the class. My mind just couldn't think anymore, when my group was given a topic to prepare to present shortly.

But I'm hitherto upset that I could not make those few changes to it. Yea, I'm a perfectionist in some aspects, where I demand 100% from myself. Writing is one of them.

Okay, this should be the end of grumbling, as the printer problem now is fixed. I tend to be garrulous, hmm... I shall eradicate this bad habit. Even my friend knows that I would "say something" if I scored low in my mock test in the preparation of my external exam. So I shall keep my mouth shut from now onwards. Haha.

Recently I found that anthropology appeals to me. I realise that I have interest in quite many aspects already, which I rarely have time to delve into each of them, psychology, philosophy, epistemology, cryptography and of course not to forget about mathematics. Sweat me, I'm not good at all in each of them, just know a bit here and there. Perhaps, Jack of all trades, master of none is the idiom to describe me.

Currently reading The Book, this is the second time I approached it. The first time I read it, I found it too hard to comprehend and needless to say, I just abandoned it. But this time, I found that I slowly accept it, have my faith in it and believe it. Maybe this is the hint or something to signal the end of my free-thinking-life? Anyway now it's way too early to say anything, as I'm at the first book of The Book only.

Oh ya, looking back my past and current attitude, behavior, lifestyle and thinking, I seriously know I need a serious reformation. Hopefully my reformation this time will work.

p/s: Actually I wrote this post just to introduce you all to my new pal, CC from Brunei, but end up talking nonsense. Sorry for wasting all your precious time (if and only if you read this). =.=||