Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Start from the Ground

If I were given a form to fill in my hobby now, I would add in playing piano besides the usual hobbies like sleeping, reading, savoring nice food, traveling and mount climbing.

Yeah! Finally I got myself an electronic keyboard (can't afford to purchase a piano).

It's quite big,
see, it can't even fit in my camera.

Almost as long as the size of my writing table

Some embedded functions

A closer look

A 54-key keyboard instead of the normal 61 key

I still don't know how to read music sheet,
and my printer is running out of ink,
so it's empty at this moment

I know nothing about music sheet, music theorems, and piano of course. Ought to start everything from the ground!

Browsing Thru My Memory Lane

Browsing through my picture folders just now made me realize it's been a long time I'm not on a vacation.

Browsing through my picture folders just now made me realize how few pictures I took with family and friends.

Browsing through my picture folders just now made me realize how little time I spent with my family now.

Browsing through my picture folders just now made me realize how fortunate I am to have friends live up my life and give me all the thrills and spills.

Browsing through my picture folders just now made me realize how many promises I have yet to fulfil and how many dreams I have yet to reach.

(This is a result of just finishing test and having nothing to do =.=||)

History Repeated Itself

History repeated itself again today.

I'm a very careless person in doing everything. But I don't really care about it if it doesn't bring any trouble to me. What I care most since young is my carelessness in writing exam. When I was back home, there was mum to remind me to be careful and watchful in answering the exam questions before I left for school. But now, I'm away from home, and I don't really tell mum when is my test or quiz unless it is final exam, and I know I have to learn to be independent, how could I always depend on my mum to be my reminder.

I learnt a big lesson last sem and I'm slowly correcting it, and bring myself to the right path again. But somehow, things can't just get right. Last Wednesday, I had two quizzes and to my horror and disappointment, I again committed something I shouldn't commit. Carelessness, the name of it! Econs quiz was fairly easy, but somehow I didn't score full marks, I'm not grumbling or putting too high expectation on myself, but I should definitely score full in this easy quiz. There was a question about decrease in freight and asking us to analyse on demand-supply and to determine the new equilibrium prices and quantity. And somehow I didn't know why I saw or perceived "a decrease in freight" as "a decrease in price of freight"; this led me to have a totally different analysis on it. And needless to say, I get it wrong!

Right after the Econs quiz was Probability quiz. I would say it was easy and the marks were just freebies to us! But I screwed it terribly!!! I admit it was tedious and needed much focus when extracting the data, etc. And, like an innocent child, I was trapped in this. There were 6 small parts in the first questions, to make things worst, I extracted the data wrongly for a few parts of it. And my tutor was so strict and merciless to give me marks for parts that I just extracted one datum wrongly. I don't blame him, as I take this as my lesson. I know I don't deserve to get marks, I should be responsible for my own "attitude". For question one, I lost 8 marks out of 10. See how serious my carelessness is! If this was not the worst, flipping to the next page, it was a question about poker cards. And again, it was easy, seriously it was a freebie. For the probability of "Kings", I filled it as 13/52 instead of 4/52, and needless to say I got the whole question wrong, as the answer for second part was related to the first part. The only thing to my relief was the quiz contributed just 5% in the final.

Argh.... I must really be careful in all the following quizzes, tests and exams!!! If not, all the hard work and effort I put in will just be in a futile...

"A wise man never lets the history repeat itself." I'm DUMB!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What Major Is Right For You

Well, I know until now, there are still some of my groupmates thinking/struggling if they are suitable in Actuarial Science. Sometimes we know others well, but we get to know ourselves the least, so it's good to have some tests on ourselves sometimes when we're in a dilemma, the accuracy is not always 100% though.

So this is the test I've just completed, you may have a try if you're interested.

created with
You scored as Mathematics/Statistics

You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in Mathematics, Statistics, or related majors (e.g., Accounting, Actuarial Science, Astronomy, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Management Information Systems (MIS), Operations Management, Physics, Risk Management).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.





























Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Greatest Man in My Heart

Actually I don't actually care if the third Sunday in June every year is inaugurated as a Father's Day, because deep inside my heart, I treat every day as a Father's Day. I believe Father's Day is not inaugurated for us just to treasure our dad on that particular day, but it's meant to remind those who claim themselves busy and have long forgotten how their pillar of family raised them, cared them, educated them and worried about them.

This year is already the third year I'm not around home to celebrate Father's Day. I can always take my weekend off and go back (my hometown is not far anyway), but I know my dad doesn't hope me to be in the tiring and bumpy journey just to say "Happy Father's Day". And I deeply know my dad doesn't like us to buy him anything as an excuse of Father's Day (as all we spend is also his money anyway), but even he doesn't like, if we, the four little mischievous kids of him, give him the present, he will still smile with a really pleased and content look. I like to see my dad's relaxed look, because I know to be a bread-winner is not easy. His relaxed look will make me really jubilant and eased and feel like being a protected child in his protective and strong embrace ever.

Once, my youngest sis asked my dad his ambition after school (as you know primary school teacher likes to give students the essay entitled "My Ambition"), and my dad's reply really made me feel that God has given me the greatest dad in this world. He said, "My ambition is no more than raising four of you up, see you all grow into a useful person, lead a normal life and have a good life-partner." At that moment, I had my tears drop inside my heart as my dad has already devoted his whole-life-ambition to four of us, the little and naughty ones.

Just a few days ago, my dad did something again to make me feel being protected. Like no other morning, he will go jogging in the park nearby my house. That morning, a shiny black cobra with its fierce look and erected neck, hissing at my dad when my dad bent down to take his sport shoes. Without any hesitation, my dad took the club beside him (I don't why there was a club beside him that time) and beat the cobra to death!!! When my mum told me this, I greatly felt that my dad is so brave, is so man!! Without him, my family's safety surely is at stake. In addition, when I was young, I had the misconception that once a person met a snake, one would surely die. Until now, the fear is still there though the misconception is already clarified. So I greatly felt that my dad is really great!

I'm not here to show off how great my dad is, he does have some bad habits. The worst one is he likes to eat seafood with high cholesterol which I'm really worried about. Though I've asked him not to eat so much, he still eats like if it's free.... He always says he drinks some herbal which can cleanse those cholesterol and he does exercise everyday. Dad, I really hope that you read this and know how worried I'm. Merely drinking herbal and exercising are really not enough to have a healthy body.

So for those who are studying or working away from home, please call your dad and have a short and simple chat with him, and I'm sure our dad will be very pleased to know that we care about him, and most importantly to know us being well at the place we are based now.

To all fathers and to my dad in particular, Happy Father's Day.

Like father, like child; thanks to dad for forming what I'm today....

"Papa, I love you, you're the greatest man in this world!!!"

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blood Donation Drive

Again, the blood donation drive was here in my campus. The blood donation drive actually fell on June 2 and 3, but since I had my external exam on June 3, I couldn't make it for that 2 days. Firstly because the night before June 2, I slept less than 4 hours and of course I couldn't make it as well on June 3 as I had to go out for exam at 9am and finished the exam at 4pm (don't ask me about the result, it will only be released 8 weeks later, and I don't have much confidence on it).

I was happy as Foong Kheng finally donated her invaluable blood in her campus; each and every time I would be very happy when my friends told me they went donating blood (this made me proud as my force persuasive effort worked). I never give up pestering convincing friends around me to donate blood, as I think donating blood is quite a noble act. Up to now, we still don't have artificial blood, so blood is very much precious and crucial for accident victims who lose profound blood.

Since I couldn't make it on both days, I just tried my luck by asking my friend (one of the helpers) when would another block of my campus (foundation school) hold the donation drive. I was so happy when she told me the date fell on June 4 and 5. So I slept like no tomorrow after my exam to get myself ready to do the noble job the next day, but again I didn't donate blood that day since Kynne asked me to wait for him to donate the day after that as he would like to go FES (engineering school) to support Kelvin in the FEStival. And I really warned him not to FFK me, as during the last donation drive, he didn't donate at the last minute (which until now I still don't why he couldn't donate, he told me he was diagnosed HIV positive @@, but who trusts him?). Finally the day arrived, after the interesting Public Speaking tutorial class, we went to donate blood in PB (foundation school), and I dragged along my best friend, ShuZhen to go with me as well. We were actually pretty sincere to do such noble deed, as right after the hike up of petrol price, Kynne still drove us to donate blood, we were great (wai tay) enough, weren't we? *smile*

Shuzhen didn't promise to donate, actually she just wanted to know her blood type but ended up donating 450ml while Kynne and me donating 300ml. Well, three of us were still as healthy as ever after the donation. So for those who never go donating blood, it's not that scary la, though the needle is indeed big and long! Shuzhen was so scared before and during the donation, but after the donation she told me she might consider to donate again! See, as I always tell my friends, once you have the first time, surely second time, third time, fourth time and forever will follow!!

A bit information for your knowledge, our body has 5500ml of blood, so 300ml or 450ml is just the tip of the iceberg la, it is just 5.45% and 8.18% respectively of the blood in our body.

Later on, Shuzhen told me her sis asked her not to eat chicken as Blood Type B people should avoid chicken as much as possible. I once read a forwarded e-mail about the right food for each category of blood type. So last night I spent a bit of my time to look for the related info. Here it is. And more details at Eating Right At Your Blood Type.

I was inspired much to donate blood by my beloved dad, so you might just be the next one inspired by me... *syok sendiri*