Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Greatest Man in My Heart

Actually I don't actually care if the third Sunday in June every year is inaugurated as a Father's Day, because deep inside my heart, I treat every day as a Father's Day. I believe Father's Day is not inaugurated for us just to treasure our dad on that particular day, but it's meant to remind those who claim themselves busy and have long forgotten how their pillar of family raised them, cared them, educated them and worried about them.

This year is already the third year I'm not around home to celebrate Father's Day. I can always take my weekend off and go back (my hometown is not far anyway), but I know my dad doesn't hope me to be in the tiring and bumpy journey just to say "Happy Father's Day". And I deeply know my dad doesn't like us to buy him anything as an excuse of Father's Day (as all we spend is also his money anyway), but even he doesn't like, if we, the four little mischievous kids of him, give him the present, he will still smile with a really pleased and content look. I like to see my dad's relaxed look, because I know to be a bread-winner is not easy. His relaxed look will make me really jubilant and eased and feel like being a protected child in his protective and strong embrace ever.

Once, my youngest sis asked my dad his ambition after school (as you know primary school teacher likes to give students the essay entitled "My Ambition"), and my dad's reply really made me feel that God has given me the greatest dad in this world. He said, "My ambition is no more than raising four of you up, see you all grow into a useful person, lead a normal life and have a good life-partner." At that moment, I had my tears drop inside my heart as my dad has already devoted his whole-life-ambition to four of us, the little and naughty ones.

Just a few days ago, my dad did something again to make me feel being protected. Like no other morning, he will go jogging in the park nearby my house. That morning, a shiny black cobra with its fierce look and erected neck, hissing at my dad when my dad bent down to take his sport shoes. Without any hesitation, my dad took the club beside him (I don't why there was a club beside him that time) and beat the cobra to death!!! When my mum told me this, I greatly felt that my dad is so brave, is so man!! Without him, my family's safety surely is at stake. In addition, when I was young, I had the misconception that once a person met a snake, one would surely die. Until now, the fear is still there though the misconception is already clarified. So I greatly felt that my dad is really great!

I'm not here to show off how great my dad is, he does have some bad habits. The worst one is he likes to eat seafood with high cholesterol which I'm really worried about. Though I've asked him not to eat so much, he still eats like if it's free.... He always says he drinks some herbal which can cleanse those cholesterol and he does exercise everyday. Dad, I really hope that you read this and know how worried I'm. Merely drinking herbal and exercising are really not enough to have a healthy body.

So for those who are studying or working away from home, please call your dad and have a short and simple chat with him, and I'm sure our dad will be very pleased to know that we care about him, and most importantly to know us being well at the place we are based now.

To all fathers and to my dad in particular, Happy Father's Day.

Like father, like child; thanks to dad for forming what I'm today....

"Papa, I love you, you're the greatest man in this world!!!"

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