Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Start from the Ground

If I were given a form to fill in my hobby now, I would add in playing piano besides the usual hobbies like sleeping, reading, savoring nice food, traveling and mount climbing.

Yeah! Finally I got myself an electronic keyboard (can't afford to purchase a piano).

It's quite big,
see, it can't even fit in my camera.

Almost as long as the size of my writing table

Some embedded functions

A closer look

A 54-key keyboard instead of the normal 61 key

I still don't know how to read music sheet,
and my printer is running out of ink,
so it's empty at this moment

I know nothing about music sheet, music theorems, and piano of course. Ought to start everything from the ground!


OSL said... geng ..u learn urself...needs lot of practice..but u will feel very happy after manage to read the music scrolls n paying the basic 1s

my stupid bro..waste money go for guitar classes...i ask him ask his friends who are church bands to teach him or join his uni's music club..he oso dunwan..swt

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Haha... Learn faster ma if we join formal class...

Shane said...

Hope u have time to learn it...

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Shane, you really know me well... I just took it out to take these few photos, and it has not been taken out again... I really wonder if I have time to practise since my daily schedule is so packed!!

Lollipops Love said...

LOL...i only have the very basic of piano. learnt when i was in Primary six and things got too much for me as i had to travel one and a half hours car trip to get to my classes every weekend and all the important exams were rolling in, at last, jus before i enter grade 1, i dropped it! i still wish to play tho! ONE DAY! hehe

p.s. i shall link u to my blog! =D

Wey Yew said...

hey how much for the keyboard? i'd like to have one too hehe.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Get it in Jusco, MV, cost only RM130