Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Standard Chartered Bank Treat

I think almost every Singaporean/whoever working in Singapore has 2 SC credit cards now... Why? Because they give away SGD80 in each card! 

I was quite suspicious about this great deal, and didn't apply during the promotion period last year while every of my colleagues were applying. Then last month when we were on the way back to office, there are some staff promoting SC credit card, so without dilly-dallying I applied. The staff was really helpful and he told me I was his first customer of that day (almost since morning until 2pm). I chuckled and said of course, almost everyone in Singapore has SC credit cards already, unless they are willing to give more!

So last week, after I got my credit card, I rewarded myself with a sumptuous meal of one of my favorite food - dim sum! 
Here goes my SGD 80 :( in Jade Fullerton
I tried dim sum before in Yan Palace Restaurant and Yum Cha Restaurant, I still prefer the one in Jade Fullerton Restaurant, I think it is close to my expectation :) Try it out guys if you want.. The a la carte buffet during weekend is only SGD36 per pax before tax :)
The recent me, just in case you have not seen me for a long time :)