Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sg Lembing Trip

Finally went to hike Panaroma Hill at Sg Lembing!

It is really a marvelous trip!

We departed at 130am on Saturday and reached there at around 5am. Without dilly-dallying, we rocketed to the bottom of the hill and started hiking. It was crowded with campers and hikers.

campers obstructing our way

Along the way, we were covered by endless shining stars, shining our way to the peak. We conquered the hill in 45 minutes and were waiting eagerly for the magnificent sunrise. But to our disappointment, it started drizzling!

We quickly opened up our umbrella to continue waiting until the rain subsided and the sky became brighter. However, by the time, the sun already rose to the sky.

sea of clouds

The air is so refreshing

A trip that enhances our friendship

After the photography session, the sky opened up and it was pelting, but we didn't care so much, running our way to the bottom to get our breakfast.

We then called up our guest house's owner to lead us to his house. We bathed, chatted, and play mahjong. Then each of us went into our room for a rest. After slumbering like a log for three hours, our stomach rolled us to awake.

We made our way to the well-known Kemaman Coffee Shop, it is a shop like Old Town.

The coffee is really delicious and unique

After chatting and joking, we went to the famous Teluk Chempedak. It is commercialized unlike the virgin Cherating (it is my favorite place). But still, the scenery is breathtaking.

crowded with picnickers and visitors

We were strolling along the beach at a time, splashing water at another time, and took all sort of pictures. I think all of us got younger 4-5 years at least at that moment. We were so free and relaxed.

And finally we filled up our empty stomach with a scrumptious dinner! It was extremely yummy and cheap! We wolfed down the food like nobody's business.

By the time we reached our guest house, it was already 11pm. We took our shower, then played card game with the penalty of drinking Chivas.

Alvin's flu was getting more serious and finally he declared he cannot join the trip to Rainnbow Waterfall! For the safety sake of everyone, I also didn't join as I afraid I would be too tired to drive after that.

Luckily after a long sleep, Alvin's flu got better and we went out to try the beancurd made by water from the hill while my friends were enjoying themselves at Rainbow Waterfall. The beancurd was ridiculously soft, smooth, silky and palatable.

Though we didn't manage to join the Rainbow Waterfall trip, we were able to catch some private time with the nature for ambling and taking pictures of the little and serene town -Sg Lembing.

the only petrol stand in the town

While waiting for my colleagues to come back from the waterfall, I stole some time to study for the exam I am taking in May. Not bad afterall isn't it? *grin*

Joy and happiness do not always need to be luxurious; things can be simple and good.

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