Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fragile Love

If a live is fragile, then I would say love is not much less fragile than a live.

Having a friend confide in me just now. Both he and his girl were together for almost two years and enrolled in the same University hoping to go down the love path longer and forever. Who knows just a couple of weeks studying in the university, the girl got to know a new guy who was happened to be in the same class as with my friend and his girl friend. The "know" I meant has a further and deeper meaning, it means both of them (the girl and the new guy) started to go along without my friend anymore.

Tell me if a strong relationship (at least it's how my friend perceived) could be easily torn apart by a mere new excitement? I've seen my such cases before, and the only conclusion I made is love is too susceptible to new temptation.

Sometimes I would really say in order of not getting hurt, it's better for me to protect myself first, and this also leads to the point that I never have the chance of savoring the temptation. =.=

Handle love with much care please

Life is such a dramtic irony.

Monday, January 28, 2008

My First 2008 CNY Card

Short Talk:
I just realized I'd not been talking using my mouth for the passed few weekends. Still, I did not sense loneliness, thanks to the advent of IM. @@

Gong Xu Fa Cai

Thanks to my ex-housemates, they actually read my blog and posted me this creative CNY card... Again Gong Xu Fa Cai, everyone!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life is All About Engineering

Those who are close to me definitely know I was about to choose Genetic Engineering as my Bachelor's Degree after my Fifth Form studies.


Somehow at the end I chose Actuarial Science; both AS and GE are such a Antarctic-Arctic difference. Most people agree that one's interests will not go far from each other but intertwine instead. But look at mine, AS and GE are totally unrelated yet I'm stupefyingly interested in both of them.

Slowly as I am getting busier with AS knowledge, I started to read less about GE...


Somehow today when I was reading about derivatives, I found out that AS is actually stunningly close to Financial Engineering...


Somehow, I was suddenly impressed by FE, it sounded cool to me!!!


Somehow I find that a Financial Engineer is definitely not mediocre compared to an Actuary. *smile*


Somehow I can't find a single thing in our life which is not related to engineering. =.=





Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Series of "Sui" Happenings

Short Talk:
Being asked by my friend to write out my Chinese name, under such an unprepared condition, I wrote one of the words wrongly. But it was the older name I used before, I wrote the current one correctly. I still feel shameful and embarrassed!

Jan 21, 2008 4.00pm

The sky was clouded. I asked my friend, Chun Yong should we wait for the bus to go home. He said it was unlikely to rain in a short jiffy, and so I urged him to head home in a quicker pace. While we were about to reach Section 17 (the housing estate that both Chun Yong and I are currently staying), huge drops of rain beat my face, and followed by a merciless downpour with many thunders and lightnings. We just couldn't stop, as there was no place for us to shelter. Having no choice but to continue walking against the cold and strong wind with rain drops beating us ceaselessly though I did carry umbrella. The whole sight in front of me was a totally white curtain, I could hardly see a thing. The lightnings were incredible, all seemed to strike just in front of me (am I too sinful)? I was so scared being struck. Lastly we reached, as I couldn't continue anymore, I asked Chun Yong to let me shelter for a while in his house. After half an hour of thundering and raining, they were ebbing away, and so I made my way home.

As I thought this was the end, I realized it was just the start.

I took a nap after bathing and eating. Then I checked online for my Exam P/1 detailed results though I knew I failed it. Just wanna know the details actually. To my horror, to my frustration, I found out that I just needed another f*ck*ng one or two questions to pass the exam!!! I was so sim tia (heartbroken) that I needed a one whole night to cool myself down.

How I wish to get a '6',
I just want a '6'!!

For those who do not know about the exam unique grading system, this is the explanation from SOA (Society of Actuaries):

"Grades are reported on a 0 to 10 scale. Passing grades range from 6 to 10; failing grades range from 0 to 5. On this scale, the interval is 10 percent of the score required to pass; for example, a grade of 5 means failing with a score of at least 90 percent but less than 100 percent of the score required to pass. A grade of 0 does not mean that the candidate received no points, but that the candidate's score was less than 50 percent of the score required to pass."

Jan 22, 2008

If the day before was still not sui enough, look at what happened to me today.

As the day before of raining cats and dogs, me myself and my sports shoes were drenched in wet. So I have no sport shoes for today, then I simply grabbed a pair of shoes in the shoes closet without checking the condition of the shoes (who will?). Almost at the end of my last lecture session, I found that my shoes were damaged terribly, it was nearly torn apart into two parts (I wondered if it was made of paper or leather). While on my way back home, it was getting worse and last it was torn completely. Can you imagine?! Luckily I wore socks. I then walked on socks on the tarred road!!! Can you imagine?! Again luckily, there was a pasar malam right in front of me, so after staggering for twenty steps, finally I saw a shoes stall. This saved my life!!! And so I was no more distracted and continued strolling down the pasar malam happily while savoring many Malay snacks...

I'm still surviving right now, it seems that my EQ is not that bad, at least I didn't cry to my mum, lamenting this and that... *contented smile*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Fruitful Day

Jan 21, 2008

Saw a booth selling some well-known international magazines at a much lower price today at my campus' lobby. To top it, the agent gave away many free gifts once we subscribe it. I subscribed Time (54 issues annually) and Fortune (26 issues annually) on the spot and paid them cash. I'm broke now. The normal cover price is RM967.00 but I subscribed them at the price of RM362.20. How many percent of discount, you count it, I'm not good in Maths.

These are the two free gifts I chose:

This book costs around RM80 in the market according
to the agent. But I checked Amazon.com just now, the price
is only US$18.21 which is around RM63.

A laptop backpack

Though my own laptop backpack is way better than this one,
I chose it just because of the word "TIME"

The free gifts in one shot,
ignore the unrelated background

Someone said I was too irrational to buy it without much pondering. But the prey was right in front of me, tell me if a humongous knowledge hunter like me, could resist drooling and let the quarry slip away from my palm? @.@

@#$ D0Nt PUnCh M3 Wh3N Y0U R3@D TH!$ &*!

I get easily exhausted recently. But I get more exhausted when I have to read @#$%^ type of wording when the caption, phrase, sentence is not short!!

It's fine if you put ~Ҝ£¢Ҝ~ in your banner and as your tagline. Afterall it just took less than 2 seconds to realize what are the four alphabets. It's kind of artistic decoration, so it's still okay.

But when you read this "sAnTa ClAUs Is COmInG tO ToWn", it surely takes another jiffies for a worn-out person to get the message. It's still fine and bearable. Afterall it doesn't have those special symbol like @, £, etc

But when you see this
"~H~E~L~L~O~I~ A~M J~E~S~S~"
Tell me how many seconds you take to digest it?

If the above one is bad, how is the following one?
"{A}(D){D} (M)[E] {I} [A]*m* {J}[E](S){S}"
Tell me how many seconds you take for this one?

If the above is worse, how is the following one?
"{@}(D){D} (M)[3] {I} [@] {Ҝ}[£](¢)<Ҝ>"
Tell me how many centuries you take for this one?

I'm totally worn out after typing this out... Perhaps I should appreciate those artistic people who actually take the 'effort' to decorate their writing. *Drum rolls* Cheers for them @.@

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stay Away from The White Coffins (for your own good)

Technology can be merciless at times

Well, I'm sure many of us have half tumbled down the grave no matter how young we are. Don't get a shock, your eyes have no problems, I'm no kidding as well....

The polystyrene food containers that we(students and workers) use almost everyday do not only cause an irreversible consequence to our Mother Earth but at the same time put our lives in jeopardy too.

It's not lame at all to bring our own fork, spoon, and container to school or workplace. We, Malaysian should learn from Japanese and Taiwanese; they never bring the white coffin to school or workplace (this is clearly reflected in their dramas). Japan is way advance than us, but they don't let the technology to take their precious lives at granted.

Bring this instead

Suggestion of A Blowout for "Bloggers' Day"

Short talk: I bumped into Wey Yew's blog by chance, it's interesting!!!

Well, last week Damson did suggest us, bloggers (mostly almost all from UTAR Foundation Studies) to have a meet-up, but eventually, it was cancelled as nobody could decide where to meet.

However, I really wish we, bloggers, and long-time-no-see-friends (especially Shack and I with those in FES ones) to have a blowout somewhere sometime in the very near future!!! Perhaps this would be a chance for all of us to know others more, eg I just chat with Damson and James once in a blue moon on MSN, so a blowout will definitely give us a good opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face... *smile* Actually I just chat with many people online, and never talk to them face-to-face, all thanks to the advent of something called Internet =.= So I think we (no forcing of everyone) should take the initiative to go out and meet more people to widen our circle of friends. It's no harm, right?

Ok, suggestions of where and when to have a blowout are warmly welcomed :) Spam my comment box please....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stealing Time to "Cure" My Hair

After rebonding and dyeing my hair for times, my hair is now dying. I'm so lazy to do hair treatment though I know my hair reaches the critical stage already. As a result of being at the brim of death, my hair is as "yellow" as the fallen autumn leaves. I know autumn leaves look much nicer than my hair >.<

Spring season is creeping in and I hear Chinese New Year songs humming from far. In order to have a better look during the grand and big festive season, I have to undergo hair treatment once a week. =.= (I know I'm too ugly to ask for a nicer look)

This is the "drug" my hair is currently consuming

The treatment process will be much more effective
if I have the treatment steaming machine,
but little is better than none...

Hopefully the illness will be alleviated before the BIG season...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cliche 2

Tell me these are valueless

One of my friends' MSN personal message wrote "I need money"

This reminds me of the cliche "Money is not everything, but without money one can do nothing"

This is especially true when you are the one who is in-charge of managing finance either in your family or just yourself.

Last night my best friend told me she wants MONEY to travel when I mentioned to her how marvellous and breathtaking the scenery of Christmas Island is. As our society is getting materialistic, you just can't deny you don't need a single penny to survive. Tell me what can you do with 1 cent? It's almost valueless that it will be demolished starting from April 1, 2008. Perhaps Malaysians think 1 cent is too much a hassle. =.=

Tell me you don't need money to have your elementary education. Though government had demolished the miscellaneous charge but you still need to pay for bus fare, exercise books, stationery, etc

Tell me you don't need money to eat and drink. Yea you can plant, but the seeds still need pennies!!! Even if you plant, you still need a prodigious amount of money to own a piece of land!!!

Tell me you don't need money to buy TV sets, computers, telephones, mobile phones and vehicles. If you say they all are luxuries, I give up then. All these are considered as necessities since the boom of technology.

Tell me you don't need money to get true love. In this contemporary world, a strong relationship is enhanced and supported by MONEY.

Tell me you don't need money to cure diseases. *touch wood* Even if you go to government hospital, you still need to pay for some charges. Worse still, if you opt for a better service and care, you need to pay for deposits before you get the treatment.

All of all, we, humans must still be reminded that though money is powerful it can be evil!!

For most people, coins are crap (do I say crap? I mean scrap)!!!
They don't even bother to keep it but definitely not me

New Year Card or SMS?

Short talk:
Lecturer F: Everyone of us is a millionaire. If not million, at least we have half of it...
Students: ??
Lecturer F: Because everyone of us has air....
Students: @.@

No matter if you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, as long as you are a Chinese, you celebrate Chinese New Year.... Chinese New Year 2008 is creeping in. It can be seen that market now is flooded with all types of CNY wishing cards, be it a red one, a white one, a colorful one, a small one, a big one, a giant one..... The price ranges from 50 cents to a few bucks per piece. But as the world is getting more and more digitalized, the wishing cards and stamps business are affected, if not dramatic, at least to a certain apparent degree.

Personally, I feel that people still like to receive cards rather than SMSes, because after all, cards are tangible and it shows that you are really sincere enough as you take the trouble to choose the card, write the wishes, glue it, buy stamps and post it.

I still remembered when I was in Standard Two, I really wished someone to post me a CNY wishing card. But you know it is quite impossible as we ourselves don't even know our home address, what more our friends. By a chance of that year, my parents brought us to visit our uncle a week before the CNY. I saw my cousin receiving many many CNY cards and she was writing on the cards to be posted out. Then my mischief tipped me, my expression showed how much desperate I wanted the card, my cousin seemed to read my mind, she said she would post to all four of us (I have four siblings). Then when we went home, my siblings and I waited desperately everyday for the postman to come, but everytime it disappointed us. It was either telephone bill or my dad's formal letters. *sobbing* I really wish to prepare for CNY together with my family, like buying cookies, decorating house, etc...

*sweat* I've actually been mumbling or grumbling for so long...

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year 2008!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

How to Battle PMS

Jess: It's pitiful that women have to suffer PMS. I can't imagine how am I going to work if I encounter PMS on the particular day? Which boss will let me take leave each month for PMS?!*Sweat*

Friend: Recently, I went to consult a singseh about PMS. He asked me to soak both my legs into hot water every night.

Jess: Does that help?

Friend: Yea.

Jess: Explain more...

Friend: Soak in the hot water as hot as you can stand for 30 minutes, add more hot water if the heat subsides. Pour the hot water into a bucket until your knee level.

Jess: Wah...

Friend: Remember there is strictly no cold beverages for the whole month....

Jess: You mean the whole year?

Friend: You've period for just one month?

Jess: Are you kidding me?! No cold drink?!

Friend: It's up to you to believe it....

Jess: Ermmm why I never heard aged women encounter PMS?

Friend: They do.

Jess: Really?

Friend: Yes...

Jess: Why?

Friend: Because they don't drink cold beverages!

Jess: @.@ Okay, I give up...




This is the article of fighting PMS from the perspective of eating habit.




I think I will continue suffering PMS as I eat chocolate excessively, I take alcohol, I eat meat everyday and I don't exercise!!!

Don't tell me you don't know PMS! It is Premenstrual Syndrome.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cliche 1

"The more one knew, the more one was frightened"

Sometimes it's good to prefer blissful ignorance..

Don't you think?

Saving Life with Blood

Jan 7, 2008

Went to campus early in the morning though I was informed I didn't have class today. Sitting to wait for my friend, Shuzhen to come to pass me the DVDs. Suddenly I saw a small card beneath Yellow Post when I just wanted to read it. There was a blood donation drive going on today and the following day. Quickly, I went to cafeteria to have mixed rice as my breakfast >.< style="font-style: italic;">Filled form, walked to the doctor to check my weight and bp*

Doctor: Good Morning.

Me: Morning

Doctor: Have you had your breakfast?

Me: Yes.

Doctor: What've you eaten?

Me: Nasi.

Doctor: Mum cooked?

Me: No, I had it in cafeteria *wry smile* (I was not that blissful to have mum to cook for me everyday, feel like going back hometown =.=)

The doctor asked me some important questions for her but nonsense for me like did I have sex with many people(including men and women), did I go overseas recently, am I on drug, etc.

Doctor: Okay. Come, let me measure your weight, see if enough to donate blood

(For your info, to donate blood, our weight must be at least 45kg)

*Stood up, walked up to the bathing scale*

*The balance showed 5? kg*

Doctor: (stunned) Is this your weight?!

Me: Yea *wry smile again*

Doctor: I thought there is something wrong with the scale.

Me: *embarrassed and wry smile for the third time*

Doctor: Ok, let me measure your bp....




Blah blah blah....

Finally I was ushered to the chair bed *sweat* something looked like a sunlounger for me, but just not as comfy as sunlounger. The nurse asked me to relax and then injected a syringe or big needle? into my vein. Blood oozed out powerfully profusely right after that. Thank God, this showed my heart still functions properly. The whole blood donation process took only 10 minutes (including I was resting five minutes there after 300 ml of blood oozing out).

Before leaving, I was given some pills. I think they are to make my blood grow back faster. I never consume the pills though I am given the pills everytime I donate blood. *Forgot to consume as I put them in the drawer right i was home*

Sadly, I were only allowed to donate 300 ml of blood for the recent two times; for the first time I donated 450 ml. I think my health has been deteriorating since the past one year. My blood pressure is quite low too... Time to lead a healthy life. *sweat*

Some may afraid to donate blood for the big needle. Actually, it's not that scary nor gruelling, as long as you don't tense up, don't make your hand rigid and most importantly don't move your hand when the nurse injects the syringe into your vein. I can assure once you give yourself a try, you will definitely donate everytime you see the blood donation campaign around you and you will also influence people around you to donate.

I'm greatly inspired by my beloved dad to donate blood (though he doesn't really encourage me as he said I'm too weak to donate). I think donating blood is a very kind deed as there is no artificial blood at the moment and there are many accidents occur on the roads, workplaces, homes, etc and the victims really need the blood to save their lives.

If you are able to donate blood, why hesitate? Blood will not store in your body forever, it will "renew" every three months. Please be generous to give out your blood!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Mummy, I Want These at Home"

As I was informed I didn't have any class for today and I was too ill to actually squeeze like a sardin in the crowd to copy the timetable, I went to the library to relax and enjoy the air-con cool air for a while. I then took a tour of the library as I didn't visit it for almost four months.

And I discovered these, which I really hoped to take them home >.<

I hope I can read as many as I could for the two years left (don't misunderstand, I actually mean for the two years left in my Bachelor's Degree duration)....

I'm Lovin' It

I'd not been able to online these few days as the phone wire was spoiled two months ago... I called a wireman on Friday to come and fix it, which cost me RM130. After that, I still couldn't online as I didn't have a modem. I wanted to buy it the day when the wire was fixed, but one of my housemates said she has a wireless router but she could only give me on Monday evening. And so I was waiting eagerly for the router. Fine, when I woke up from my afternoon nap, I saw a plastic hanging on my door knob. Out of curiosity, I opened it, I almost jumped up for joy when I saw the wireless router. When I was about to setup the router, then only I realized it was only a router; but not a modem router. *Sweat me* It was definitely my fault to be so careless to actually interpret it as a wireless modem router.

Without any delay, I asked my housemate to fetch me to Digital Mall to buy a modem. Once I was back, I started setting it up. Disappointingly, my ex-housemate, who was in-charged of the Streamyx thingy, has forgotten the password. OMG... I was almost crying when I heard that... But, anyway, she gave me a few passwords to try... *Sweat* Trial and error did not work in this case. Later on, when I tried to call her again, she was sleeping... I was so desperate that time. *sweat me for the low EQ*. Perhaps, a drowning man would clutch at straws, desperately I called 100, TM hotline to check my password. Then only I managed to setup the modem. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. =.= It almost took me two hours to do that >.< style="font-style: italic;">sweat me* With the will of trying one more time, I went out to take the wireless router in, and tried to set it up... I took out the manual from my bookshelf, and started connecting the cable and so on... I then followed the procedures accordingly, and finally I restarted my laptop. I slowly removed my trembling hands over my eyes to look at the screen.... The gtalk icon turned into white from gray... "Eureka!!!" I gave out a big cry in my heart... I'm sizzling with euphoria now!!! I had successfully set up the router at the first trial!!!

I feel my body so light now. All the unsettled problems that I'd been escaping were finally solved!!!

I was too delightful to sleep now... OMG

I'm Lovin' It

I'm definitely proud of myself as a computer illiterate like me, is able to setup the modem and router without outsourcing any computer pros!!! *beat me*

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Miss Foundation Studies

Short talk:
a) Met Kynne yesterday, he said I'm thinner!!!
b) I've not been sleeping for more than 24 hours, I'd spent more than twelve hours watching Hong Kong series . Somehow I'm so alert now!

Saw a shop selling babies' things and equipement, bambino just now in SS2. I straight thought of my Goddess, Ms Kong.... I still adore you like ever, Ms Kong!!! *smile* Miss You!!!

I still couldn't online at home because I haven't called the wireman to fix the spoilt cable. Came UTAR surfing after having lunch alone in SS2.... Bumped into Ms Audrey at PA main gate, talking greeting her "hi" and "see you". She still remembers me!!! Couldn't talk much because she was in her car at the main gate. *sweat*

Came back PA after like eternity... I miss Foundation Studies, TD3, lecturers and everything!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Recently I find myself so desperate for alcohol =)

Last night, Shane asked me this: "the _____ for cheers, the pool for tears"

Without a second thought, I filled in the blank with "beer". *smile*

But afterall, it does sound nice too, doesn't it? The beer for cheers, the pool for tears....

I want alcohol!!!

2008 New Year's Resolutions

These are my new year's resolutions, not in order.

I'm twenty years old this year (sounds so much like a kindergarten sentence), so I set twenty resolutions.

Resolution 1
Lose weight for three to five kg, maintain at 48-50kg

Resolution 2
Lead a healthy life, as in sleeping early and waking up early and doing cardio more

Resolution 3
Learn to cook, minimize eating out, minimize Ajinomoto

Resolution 4
Save RM3 each day, save RM1k in a year

Resolution 5
Minimize chatting nonsense online

Resolution 6
Conquer more hills, mountains if possible

Resolution 7
Not to do last minute work

Resolution 8
Concentrate more in lectures and tutorial classes, minimizing dozing off (or shall I say sleeping >.<)

Resolution 9

Pass Exam P/1 and Exam FM

Resolution 10
Improve or maintain my GPA

Resolution 11
Bury myself more in library to read something beyond my studying scope

Resolution 12
Read twenty novels

Resolution 13
Get to know more coursemates

Resolution 14
Learn tennis, improve badminton, visit gym more

Resolution 15
Try alcohol

Resolution 16
Try more nice food (hopefully this does not contrast with resolution 3)

Resolution 17
Minimize going back hometown, three times the most (to cut hair)

Resolution 18
Learn a new language

Resolution 19
Spend less (hopefully this does not contrast with resolution 16)

Resolution 20
Learn to be more rational, contented and careful

Let's see how many I can accomplish. Tell you next year =) =)