Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Fruitful Day

Jan 21, 2008

Saw a booth selling some well-known international magazines at a much lower price today at my campus' lobby. To top it, the agent gave away many free gifts once we subscribe it. I subscribed Time (54 issues annually) and Fortune (26 issues annually) on the spot and paid them cash. I'm broke now. The normal cover price is RM967.00 but I subscribed them at the price of RM362.20. How many percent of discount, you count it, I'm not good in Maths.

These are the two free gifts I chose:

This book costs around RM80 in the market according
to the agent. But I checked Amazon.com just now, the price
is only US$18.21 which is around RM63.

A laptop backpack

Though my own laptop backpack is way better than this one,
I chose it just because of the word "TIME"

The free gifts in one shot,
ignore the unrelated background

Someone said I was too irrational to buy it without much pondering. But the prey was right in front of me, tell me if a humongous knowledge hunter like me, could resist drooling and let the quarry slip away from my palm? @.@


Shane said...

Wow.. rich lor...

I will sure subscribe them if i hv money.. Haha...

kynne said...

hrm...act ky n i wanna to buy de Fortune also.
but i got no point to buy a magazine with the price RM 183,cos it's just 1 issue attract me and i noe i wont read the rest.
den i try to read de other magazines.
both of us,ky n i said,luckily we didnt buy.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

HAHA... So bad meh the quality? =.=