Saturday, March 12, 2011


In the effort to get rid of sedentary lifestyle, I dragged Alvin along to go hiking in FRIM with me.

We easily found FRIM after having a google map of the destination at home! (kudos to Google Map, it helps us a lot!) The entrance tickets of FRIM are very cheap, cost only RM1 per person, and RM4 per car.

Once we got down our car, we excitedly ran into the forest.

Started with a proper walkway.

Then we had to pass through all the slippery rocks,

and saw many kind of poisonous mushroom.

but was mesmerized by the melodious water flowing.

Little chilling waterfall

A golden lizard!

We were hiking with no confidence as we didn't know we actually needed to pass through forest at the first place, and we couldn't see any signboard telling us where to go next. I was like sort of losing direction and goal destination,

Two environmentalists were collecting rubbish.

Is this a mushroom?

until we finally passed thru the forest and came to a jogging track.

I was like WTH! We perspired through the forest while there is a proper jogging track.

We then followed the direction to canopy walkway. My another intention of coming to FRIM was to try the canopy walkway.

A narrow canopy walkway!

but it was closed for maintenance. *sigh*

I will surely come back again to try the canopy walkway!

We then made our way back using the jogging path. However it was like three to four times the distance of the path in the forest! I was contented as I tried both the challenging tracks.

The trunk looks fake but it is real

We reached the car park and went home happily. I really love nature! It simply gives me much space for self-reflection, for me to relax!


Shane said...

Love the wonders of nature..
How u know that mushroom is poisonous?

nostalgia.jesskang said...

because it is colorful. LOL

Anonymous said...

Research says that people that associate themselves with nature performs better in many areas. For example, concentration.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Are you praising me?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it. LOL

Winna said...

wow~ :D
too bad for the canopy walking part....
i tried it before at Sabah. It's scary :S but yea worth for a try.
Enjoy more mother nature before it's destroyed.....