Sunday, February 26, 2012


What a year to start with!

I ended year 2011 with a flu and started year 2012 with the flu. Two weeks later (the week of CNY) I was suffering from flu again. So yea, half of my January was spent with flu! 

Beginning of February, I had eye infection (stye) which lasted for a week. I thought everything should be fine, and God knows, last Friday, I was stumbled down by stomach flu. The whole Thursday night I was suffering from stomachache, I was half-awake, half-asleep for the whole night... At wee hours, I started to have diarrhea and throw up. At around 8:30, I finally dragged my weak body to see doctor. After seeing doctor, I only realized my shirt had the stain of my vomit *yucks*. I felt so embarrassed, thinking what would the doctor think @@ The whole Friday and Saturday I spent time on bed sleeping as every medicine given by the doctor has the warning of drowsiness. =.=

Now I am getting better. And I wish to add in one more resolution: a healthy 2012!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Accomplish the Impossible

Beijing Roasted Duck (Video)

I am planning a trip to Shanghai and was looking some pictures taken in Beijing

This is the way roasted duck is cut into slices in Beijing.

It is nicer than the one in Jalan Pasar :)

Of Being Flawed

This CNY I asked my cousin, "why do you always take the trouble of snapping pics with your lomo camera? which require you to refill film and send to photo studio to process them? plus you cannot edit until after you process and scan them into your pc..."

She answered, "I like things with some flaws"

I was totally stunned and after a while I was really amazed by her statement. In life we tend to be too perfect until we become too fake. Every picture we see on the advertisement has undergone a painstaking Photoshop, almost every Korean artist has gone through plastic surgeries.

Sometimes in life, we really just have to be what we are. *grin* Life can be a bliss if we are contended with the flaws we have.