Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peking Roasted Duck and Hong Kong Roasted Goose

Finally tried the well-known Peking roasted duck at Jalan Pasar. When we were finding a parking place, we noticed that there are many roasted duck and goose stalls at Jalan Pasar. Luckily I know which one I want to try.

Soon Fatt

Aromatic rice

Each plate costs RM5.80

The glistering duck drumstick

However roasted goose was not available so we continued roasted duck/goose galore at Chen Chen stall.

The rice was not as aromatic as Soon Fatt

The juicy roasted goose

The roasted goose and duck rice cost RM9 and RM6 respectively. The duck rice is 20cents more than the one at Soon Fatt but it is served with vegetable.

Roasted duck

For me, the roasted duck and goose from both stalls are comparable - scrumptious and reasonable in price.

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Anonymous said...

jalan pasar is just a place to buy electronics to me lols