Saturday, February 19, 2011

Filial Duty

While we are in the midst of pursuing our dreams, we always take people around us for granted, especially our parents. Like borrowing money from parents to get our first house, first car, first wife/husband, child, etc for tonnes of so-called reasons.

Every year around Chinese New Year, there will be advertisement from Petronas on filial duty. We are moved. Should we be sad because we know we are doing not well enough? Or should we be happy as we still have humanity heart to understand the the scene?

Sometimes I tend to pursue my dreams blindly until I stress up myself and people around me. While I still can blog this, I feel I should be grateful and glad as at least, I do halt and think again if I should still be doing so.

Take the time to play this game from Petronas to see how we are treating our parents. :)

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Shane said...

Very true.. It is all the little things we do to our parents that matters.. THey dont expect us to buy them big big house, or give them alot of money.. all they want is the care we show to them...