Sunday, December 30, 2007

A wrap-up of 2007

Went ice-skating for the first time >>> it was tiring. I gave up.

Started Nostalgic Memories in March... Later on I influenced cum forced friends around me to blog... Surprisingly, they were so tame to actually blog... Haha... Blogging is definitely fun!!!

Had a nice and great experience in drama. We had hot arguments in between but at last we still managed to resolve it!!!

Went Genting Highlands on my own for the first time with friends >>> The two-day-outing enchanced our friendships.

Finished my Foundation Studies in May with a good ending as in exam. And I get to know some good friends like Kelvin, FK, and OS. But they furthered their bachelor's degree in Setapak afterwards.

Won a 17" LCD in IT competition unexpectedly.

Started my Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science. I have 200 plus coursemates but I just get to know a few. Really few...

Results for the first sem of my bachelor's degree was satisfying. But it was my first time of not getting a grade A in Maths related subject. I scored A- for Discrete Math.

Went inline-skating >>> Fell down and got some bruises...
(the date shown in the picture is wrong)

Went travelling in Malacca with some friends. Get to know them more last sem, never in Foundation Studies.

Had three months of holidays. Didn't have such long holidays after SPM...

Preparing for Exam p/1 during the first two months holidays, I failed it as a result of laziness.

Watched HK series, hanged out with friends, went hiking with friends... Had a fruitful and joyful last month of holidays!!!

2007 is coming to the end, 24 hours and 20 minutes to go... This also indicates the end of my long holidays, it's time to go back PJ again to face all the problems on my own. I'm a bit worried and scared now, as I had not been facing any problems and making any decisions for the past three months. Going back PJ means I have to settle many unsettled problems that I've set aside for a long time.

Anyway, time still ticks away, life still goes on... What to do but carry on life with more courage? Let's embrace a properous new year 2008!!!

Mixed Feelings

Today I went jogging with my bro, I was puffing and blowing along the way. He was so frustrated to wait for me, and eventually he blurted out why I'm still so weak after few days of exercising.

After dinner, I thought back what my bro said to me earlier on.

Though after few days of hiking and jogging, I still feel that my stamina doesn't go up; instead it shows a fall. What is worst when I find that my lungs are not really comfortable these few days. It shows some symptoms of asthma attack. Oh NO!!!

When I was still a kid, the doctor told me the mucus covered all over my lung, so I found it hard to breath and my lung actually wheezed... I liked the sound, it was so funny... *wry smile* Normally when we are sick, we are adviced to consume more Vitamin C in form of pills and fruits; but this definitely can't apply on me... The doctor repeatedly reminded me not to eat any fruit, it will only worsen my asthma... So my childhood was so miserable. I couldn't drink carbonated drink during all uncle's, aunties' or cousins' weddings. *sweat* Not a single drop, I was only allowed to drink mineral water! Pity me... This was going on until I was in Form 2 or 3, when my immunity grew stronger. Since then, I drink a lot of cold drink as a revenge. *smile* If the environment is not too contaminated, I will be still fine. If I don't catch cold or get flu, I'm still fine. So slowly, I don't bring drugs with me anymore.

All the while, I think I can cope well with asthma, but I think I'm wrong... Maybe I'm not suitable for intense exercise like cardio. Damn... I like hiking, I want hiking!!! Perhaps the situation is not so bad as with the advancement in medic today, there are drugs to take before any intense exercise for asthma people; many asthma athletes take those drugs before going to the fields. But I just don't like to depend on drugs, what more to bring them always with me!

But the good thing is perhaps I can escape from National Service with the reason of my asthma. I think I really have to do a thorough medical check-up and submit the report as soon as possible to National Service Department. For your info, I'm still under deferment. It will due on 2010 =(

I should be delighted or sad? *sweat*

This is the info I looked into just now regarding asthma.

It's high time to....

I was said much chubbier (Yea I used the word 'chubbier', as all don't really dare to hurt me by using the word 'fatter') compared to two years ago when I was not yet studying in PJ... Over the past few months, there are still some who can't notice I am actually much fatter than before, but definitely not now!!! Damn...

My cousin asked me to go for gym often, if not with my height, I will look freakingly older compared to my age. Damn...

It's high time for me to evaluate my lifestyle and eating habit. *sweat* I think I really have to drag my PJ friends who are leading a sedentary life to go more hiking with me!! Perhaps jogging and playing badminton are not bad too as long as it is a cardio exercise. *smile* I was learnt that we have to do one hour of cardio everyday to keep ourselves fit and healthy... Damn... It's a hell life!!!

Blood is thicker than water...

Just back from house warming. I'm full. Very full. I mean it... Really really full...

It was my cousin's new house. His father (my uncle) built it (a bungalow actually) for him as a present of his marriage on Jan 22, 2008! Congratualtions Lian Chai...

The house was not in a city nor a small town, but it was somewhere surrounded by paddy fields. Some of the fields are his. It sounded horror for city-dwellers, but if you went to have a look of it, perhaps you would love it. The house was really big, and so the surrounding. You may put a mat on the ground, just lay there to enjoy the starry night with breeze caressing your cheeks. It's really cozy and comfortable. I mean it. Besides, the house is really big enough to hold any family or perhaps relative function like a big BBQ. I'm sure the fireworks performance is absolutely perfect to be played there. Imagine, there is no end you could see with your naked eyes at night, just flat and endless paddy fields, the fireworks will surely be the brightest!

Tonight many (almost all my relatives) were here. Everyone was busy chatting while eating steamboat and drinking. And the ridiculous thing was my uncle insisted of not receiving any ang paus. The reason was the marriage was really around the corner, he didn't want to burden anyone. And so all the food and beverage were free!! Haha... But for me the main point is not this, I think, most importantly, my uncle and my cousin were willing to let relatives to visit, eat, drink, play, and chat in their house bungalow. I went to some friends' bungalow before, they were too selfish, and reminded us from time to time of not dropping any food on the floor. Sweat...

Today function made me suddenly feel that blood is thicker than water. I've been planning to migrate if ever I've the chance; but, my friend asked me that ever if I can migrate together with my immediate family members, how about my aunties and uncles. He said further that when my parents grow older and older, they would really wish to see and connect more with their parents and siblings. My friend even condemned my selfishness of grabbing away my parents' precious time with their parents and siblings if ever I migrate. =( Perhaps migrating is not something easy, I really have to ponder about it... *smile*

P/s: No photo taken during the house warming. I was too shy to do so. Perhaps I come from a big family, every action being done must not be odd, or something 38 as it is monitored by all the aunties and uncles! =.=

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Long Winding Path 3

This is just life, long and winding...

Life is full of obstacles and so it's not surprising that people say life is like a roller-coaster-ride... It's even tougher when it comes to the time we need to make a crucial decision... Some say at every end of the road, there will be a U-turn, so there are no worries as we can turn back anytime we want while some say road is straight to no end.

Where will these two paths lead to?

Dec 25, 2007

This is the third time I am on the peak of Happy Hill in three-day-time @.@

As I would go shopping with mum in afternoon, Shane, Yiraine and I went climbing early in the morning at 8 o'clock. Yiraine said her holy silent Christmas morning was ruined in my hand. *evil grin*

Perhaps I climbed the hill for two times within 12 hours' time, my legs were so unwilling to co-operate with me... So we had to stop many times -.-

I actually enjoyed climbing though it's tough, as there is lush greenery with fresh air to make us feel better and happier...

Fresh air

Luxuriant greenery

Many never-seen plant can be seen along the journey

Today we spent the longest time at the peak to rest and chat, while enjoying the serene and breathtaking surrounding!!! We actually planned to wait for the mist to disappear so that we can have a look of Penang Bridge and Komtar but to no avail again... So we took photos instead -.-

Peace (a victory sign?)

I wanna fly.....

After the climbing, we went to have dim sum at the nearby pekan... *crying* Calories gained is much more than calories consumed @.@ I noticed a difference between the dim sum in the normal dim sum restaurants and this restaurant... Instead of char siew pau, it sells chai kuek...

Mouth-watering Chai Kuek

p/s: Is mount climbing a cardio exercise?

Christmas Eve 2007

This year my Christmas is not a lonely one and is free without assignments!!! I spent my Christmas Eve with friends at Hometown in my hometown.... What a pun?!

Nothing special but just a crazy chit-chat and a long session of phot0-taking... *sweat*

Sweet Ageing 18'

Orange Juice

Ice Lemon Tea



Ewe Chin

Merry Christmas!!!

Perhaps we talked too loud and annoyed the perverts beside our table. They seemed taking down a lot of pictures of us, especially Shane's bottom. -.-

After three hours there, we then headed home... Lame....

According to my friend, Christmas is meant for us to rest after a one-year hard work. What do you think?

A Long Winding Path 2

Dec 23, 2007

Today is one of the most significant days in my life.... I've conquered Happy Hill with the encouragement from Shane and Yiraine... Perhaps climbing is not a big deal for many people; but, for a weak person like me, it really means a lot...

You may find money, career, family or studies be the thing to make you feel accomplished or proud of... Now I would say conquering a hill or mountain is another thing that makes me feel I'm not good-in-nothing... *grins*

Climbing up the hill against the gravity is something which is really tough and needs a strong endurance. It may seem like when we are against our surrounding, we find ourselves so uncomfortable, but, if you feel the thing you are doing is right, then proceed with it, with determination, I'm sure nothing is impossible....Just like with determination, you will finally reach the peak... Running down the hill is something easy and comfy. But at the same time, we need to know how to brake so that we will not fall down... This is same when we do everything, we need to know when to stop and leave, if not at the end, the one injured will be ourselves....

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Long Winding Path

Perhaps life is like mount climbing... It's not easy to succeed just like when you are climbing up the mountain; on the other hand, it's easy to fail and fall just like when you are going down the mountain. You may work hard for ten years, twenty years, your whole life to get to be known for your success but the sweetness you manage to taste is just a short period. It's just like you endure so long to climb up the hill, but all you can enjoy at the peak is just a very short period...

Dec 22, 2007

After mount hill climbing on Monday, I'm crazing for it... Firstly, it's because we go in a small gang, so it's not that dull on the journey. Secondly, I would like to strengthen my stamina; my stamina is worse than those old people who exercise regularly. The reasons for it are I don't exercise and I have an unhealthy lifestyle (sitting in front of computer days and nights and sleeping very late).

In five minutes, we had already reached the first checkpoint without resting at any spot. The path was not steep so I could still barely endure it. We then took a rest of five minutes.

This is how the checkpoint look like

Taking some pictures while we were resting as usual :(

We then continued. But the path was no more easy; it was steep, really steep at some spots. We just climbed another few meters from the first checkpoint before my friend had finally surrendered. So we decided not to continue.

Then we climbed down walked down, ran down, whatever you call it, to the tent pavilion beside the first checkpoint to have a chit chat. I saw a man lighting up wood to cook there, then suddenly I had this thought: would this a healthier way to cook? Then I thought of a more modern way of cooking: electric. Which cooking way (lighting up wood, using gas or using electric) is the healthiest?

Place to rest

Is this a healthier way to cook?

After a thirty minutes chat there, we went down the hill and went back home...

Damn, I still couldn't conquer the hill....

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It seems like when we grow up day by day, we will eventually get frustrated by people or disappointed by humans around us. I know we will give ourselves freaking reason(s) on why we get treated in that bloody way. But all I would like to say is why must we get driven to the wall frantically by people we just don't feel resonant? For me, I will just take it easy... You may say I might have not been in those situations and thus I can say this freaking steadily. But to tell you the truth, I'd been betrayed by my best friend (at least I treated her that way) and even a teacher! But I never hate them, I still treat them the way I treat my normal friends. That's why my whacky friends would think I was always by the Gang A's side. And this may explain why I tend to make people misunderstand me.

So I think, if we all would take things easy when our blood is boiling frenziedly, the problem will not worsen (if not solved, it will at least be itself), and thus the world will be much nicer and prettier. We are never rational when we are angry... And many of us will throw out throngs of bad words, indirectly this will spoil our image. So think about it. Is that worth it to do so?

I think we actually should be like Themis, cover our eyes, treat everyone the same and fairly (don't be deceived by impression), and a lot of misunderstandings or arguments will be avoided at last... I know I am doing too far from Themis, but I am doing my best to be like her...

I'm not saying both my friends are wrong to have such thoughts, but I just think it is not worthwhile to treat ourselves so bad....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hope You See This

Recently, I'm mixing a lot with a bunch of whacky friends. Actually I've been knowing them for more than 10 years which is really not a short period. But we have never been so close until these two weeks. shame me...

Actually perhaps the start is not a good or extraordinary one. So we never get along like clue and paper. Blame me for being a nerd when I was in primary and secondary school. I never know I WAS a nerd until many told me I was a nerd. So I have to admit it now though I still think I was not, I am not, I will not be... Shame me.... And they didn't talk to me much because they thought I was too cool to approach; at the same time, I thought they were too cool to approach. Shame me... Those who really know me actually know I'm too friendly la, ain't I right to say so? Heee

I purposely put up this post because I really would like them to know I really regret I miss the chance to get close with them. I miss the chance to have a blissful high school time, instead, I was having a pissful high school time... *crying*

But all of all, I think the main problem is we have a misunderstanding in between... They thought I was in another gang. Sigh... This gonna be something very complicated for me to explain here. They thought I was in Gang A, and they never like Gang A. Interestingly, I am not resonant with Gang A at all... Yea... For those who know me well, I like to use the words resonant and frequency... Perhaps I am not someone who is well in expressing myself, so I really need the same frequency to be there... Like my best friend, Ewe Chin, she actually knows what I would like to say though I haven't reached what I would like to tell... *smile* At first, we really had a hard time, especially when she would like to clarify the doubt in studies with me. Not that I was not willing to explain, but I really couldn't express what I understood. Perhaps like what my Math lecturer said before if one does not know to tell what one understands then one actually doesn't know the thing thoroughly.

I admit I am someone who tends to make people misunderstand me without my knowing. *sweat* This is well proven in the above two examples.

Sigh... Actually why there are parties in this world, why must people diffrentiate themselves from others? Why must there be Barisan Nasional, DAP, etc... Why must there be republic, democrat, etc? Why must there be gangs in just a small class?

Hmmm.... I think I should really stop here... But one last thing, I am really comfortable with this whacky gang of friends. I hope we can chase back the time we had wasted.... >.<

I'm emotional again....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nonsense Cum Logical/Illogical?

Like this quote from my friend,

"If drinking and driving is illegal, why do clubs have parking lots?"

Outing with Zany Friends

Went out with few of my whacky friends last Wednesday after being pleaded by them :)

It was my first time learning to play bowling. Not bad... It was not that hard nor easy... I started to love it... Actually I planned to pay RM96 where one can play limitlessly for one year, but I am not in Penang most of the time so I just paid RM8, RM2 for the shoes and RM6 for two rounds of games (cheap right? Students' price la)...

Many competitions were held here, Mega Bowling

Wacky friends

Later my three friends went to watch Enchanted, I don't really like movie, so I didn't join them. Instead, I together with my another friend went to Popular bookstore to read some travelling guidebooks. I like travelling but too bad I have no money. -.- We actually plan to have a backpacking to Hong Kong, Macau and Shanzhan three years later when I graduate. It was an impulse cum crazy suggestion when we had our reunion last two weeks. I actually suggested we save Rm3 each day, three years later we would have Rm3000. I think it would be suffice as we don't plan to stay 5-star hotel. Heee.... I would like to try many food in Hong Kong and Macau, especially "pou tart" (Portuguese Tart) in Macau... It's what I've been longing for....

After two hours in bookstore and my friend had finished watching their movie, we headed to Auto-city at Juru to see the lame lantern display as I had never been there though it had been held since the Mooncake Festival this year. Many of my friends posted their pictures in Friendster... Haaa... I just saw some lanterns outside because we needed to pay RM15 to go in... I won't be that stupid to pay for things I don't like... heee...

This is the only thing I could see from outside

We strolled around Auto-city.. Practically it is a place with many car company like Porshe, BMW, Proton (of course) and many more together with many classy franchised food outlet chain like Swensen, Manhattan Fish Market, Nando's and you name it...Sorry I had forgotten some of the names... We actually took many pictures in front of SOHO because I really would like to try "alcohol" but my friend who was driving afraid she was unable to drive afterwards... So at last we went to have supper at Mamak stall restaurant... Hmmm Finally I knew what was nun, tosei, and etc...

I will come some days later

And so the end of a happy day....

p/s: sorry for all the blur pics, what to expect from my 1.3 Megapixels phone camera? :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Digital Fortress

If you are a cryptography enthusiast, or if you're dying for a pulse-quickening novel, i STRONGLY recommend Digital Fortress by the international bestseller, Dan Brown. Though there was outcry when "The Da Vinci Code" was published, but who cares, it's a novel, mind you, a novel, a typical fictional novel. Why do you want to blame Dan Brown when you're reading a fictional novel as your entertainment?!

This is definitely an unputdownable novel that you shouldn't miss!!! Read it in toilet, car, bedroom, living room... Haaa

I really respect Dan Brown for his shrewdness and conscientiousness. I have all his four masterpieces-The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point. Bought them during Fifth Form, but never had the chance to finish all of them before I started studying in UTAR. Now, I just have yet to finish Deception Point. Will finish it once the new starts, left it in PJ. :(

But all of all, I'm looking forward to Dan Brown's upcoming masterpiece, The Solomon Key which will be published in Dec, 2008. Heeee

Without wax, Jess

Monday, December 17, 2007

What A Day?

I went sauna last Thursday and quite enjoyed it. Today my friend asked me go again, wanted to burn calories, according to her. @.@

By the time we reached, there were just two cars, then the very first question that flashed across my mind was "too early?", as it was just 11.30am. The sauna opens at 10.30am. Before I was able to react, my friend screamed as usual "today off la!!!" I was like OMG... We came so far to find out it was off... Actually we knew that as the person-in-charge told us before... My friend and I just forgot... *sweat*...

Since we already came so far, my friend suggested we went climbing hill, a small hill. So off we went... It was not that hard, as it was not very steep nor very winding.. So very fast we reached the first "level"; it was a door actually. Each door indicated a checkpoint. My another friend grumbled she couldn't continue anymore as she was not ready to do such energy-consuming activity today... She asked us to continue while she taking a rest. Worrying her safety, so we decided to go down instead. Half way down the hill, my stomach started rumbling, and slowly my stomach muscle started "twisting". I had stomachache; I need a toilet immediately!!!! *Sweat* So we ran down the hill, and my friend quickly drove me to the temple nearby to settle my "business"...

Phew.. Luckily we reached just in time!!! To tell you something disgusting, if you are eating, please don't continue reading....

It would make you nausea....

I went in the toilet without tissue paper.... So you may guess the ending then... But the story did not stop there.... Without my notice, half my shirt was drenched wet, I just did not know why, it wet my shirt while I was washing my hand... Hmmm...

The little luck I had was I brought extra shirt, pant, and lingerie (to change after sauna). While I pulled out my shirt from my backpack, my lingerie came out as well and fell into the bucket on the floor with water inside... @.@ How lucky I was!?

The "luck" did not stop, when I came out, my friends asked if I went in the wrong toilet. I was confident I did not go in gents' one, but when I turned my head to see the sigh board again, to my horror, it was ....(you guess it). *sweat* My friend still said she would keep the secret of not telling out, but I know for sure this will certainly be spread out like wild fire -.- f*** a**h***

All the "lucky" things were just happening in just two hours and I was in such extreme awkward position.... f*** a**h***

When I reached home, my mum forced to do rebonding as she said my hair was too disheveled... Yea I used the word "forced"... I didn't like to do rebonding as I was lazy to be the slave of my hair... To your information, I am not a typical or shall I say normal girl, I just don't like to dress nicely and have head of nice hair... -.- My mum said if I still don't take care of my appearance, I will have no boyfriend! But so what?!!!! I am NOT desperate for a boyfriend, ok!!! And if a guy likes me because of my appearance, then for me he is DEFINITELY not a good guy....

The end of a sui day....

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Went for sauna bath today. It was a great experience. And this triggered my interest to find more about sauna.

Practically in Malaysia there are two type of sauna bathes: one is steam sauna(the one I went) and another one is dry sauna. There are many benefits contributed by sauna like weight loss (I'm concerned about this),stress alleviation, detoxification, and you name it :)

The one I went today is totally free of charge and it is located at Batu Kawan (place famous for seafood in Penang which you can't miss!). The philanthropist did it because she was terribly injured in a ghastly accident and she vowed to do charity if she ever recovered (something like this, my friend told me, I'm not too sure). The surrounding is really big and serene.

There are no worries for parking problem

There are two medium rooms; one for male and the other one for female. Behind the rooms, there are two big furnace burning wood and herbal like ginger and cogon grass. When you sit, stand, meditate, crap, whatsoever inside the room, there will be steam with strong aroma caresses your whole body. If you swing your body, the hotter steam will actually hit you mercilessly (I can't imagine this when my friend told me until I did it today).

The furnace

Tonnes of wood waiting to be burnt

Room you sauna.
Though it looks a bit outworn, but it's definitely
not worse than those you pay 100 over to have an one-hour-sauna

Comfy chairs and tables for you when you can't stand the heat
or you need a rest or you want to have a meal

No worry when there are actually many people as the chairs and
tables provided are more than enough

Loser: OMG too hot inside :(

We actually ran out when the heat reached maximum,
we suspected it was 100 degree celcius -.-

The person-in-charge encouraged us to go twice or thrice a week to reach the best effect. As I browsed thru some sauna info just now, I was learnt that we have a lot of toxic hidden or trapped in our body, and they can be removed in several ways but not those in our fat. However, with the help of sauna, our fat will become water-soluble at the temperature of 42 degree celcius and the toxic will be removed together with perspiration. Don't be flabbergasted when you read the following line:

One session of sauna (around half an hour) is equivalent to 10km run!

There are many more benefits actually but this was the one I remembered the best...

Go try one if you have never been, but if you want to lose weight by sauna-ing, then sorry, you have to go constantly.... Heee

Wall Art?

Suddenly this crossed my mind.... It happened when I was back PJ three months ago... Saw it on the wall somewhere near Petaling Street...




"Rape the wall, not the kids"




What do you think? :)

p/s: If it is still there when I go back PJ later, I promise to take down the pic... I was in a hurry last time when I saw it...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Proof of Failure

To tell you I'm not kidding of my failure in my exam, this is the proof of it:

I just wonder why some just don't believe I failed my exam... I cannot fail one meh?

Exam Day

Finally I sat for my ever first pro exam and I failed it... I was not that sad as I said before I was not well-prepared.

I failed my exam here

I am not giving up, I will come again!

Stupid look and pose

Another shot

I'm more interested in telling you things happened after my exam. We (Kelvin and I) planned to meet Ms Madam Kong aka Mrs Fan as she is leaving for Singapore very soon. Then my friend, Chun Yong (he passed the exam, he is a Math genius) who took exam with me said he wanted to go KLCC Kinokuniyo (I spell it correctly?), so we made our way to Dang Wangi LRT Station. Chun Yong suggested we took a short cut route instead, I definitely agreed with him as I was rushing to see my Goddess. To my horror, we lost! We walked round and round but still couldn't find the LRT Station, we just saw the road sign of Dang Wangi LRT Station. It was 4.20pm that time, as I knew I couldn't go to see my Goddess anymore as my bus back home was at 7.30pm. And thus I told Kelvin this, but he was already on monorail. OMG. I couldn't do or say anything anymore, but to apologize to him.... He said never mind (as always.. He never loses his temper...) So Chun Yong and I walked around stupid-ly and then we saw the road sign pointing to Pudu Bus Station. So we headed there... And finally we reached Pudu safely at 5pm. Kelvin met me at Popular Bookstore somewhere at Petaling Street for me to sign something =)

After that, Chun Yong and I had our dinner at Pudu Bus Station and waited for the bus to come. And so it was the end of the day... I was dead exhausted!!!!