Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Long Winding Path 2

Dec 23, 2007

Today is one of the most significant days in my life.... I've conquered Happy Hill with the encouragement from Shane and Yiraine... Perhaps climbing is not a big deal for many people; but, for a weak person like me, it really means a lot...

You may find money, career, family or studies be the thing to make you feel accomplished or proud of... Now I would say conquering a hill or mountain is another thing that makes me feel I'm not good-in-nothing... *grins*

Climbing up the hill against the gravity is something which is really tough and needs a strong endurance. It may seem like when we are against our surrounding, we find ourselves so uncomfortable, but, if you feel the thing you are doing is right, then proceed with it, with determination, I'm sure nothing is impossible....Just like with determination, you will finally reach the peak... Running down the hill is something easy and comfy. But at the same time, we need to know how to brake so that we will not fall down... This is same when we do everything, we need to know when to stop and leave, if not at the end, the one injured will be ourselves....

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