Thursday, December 13, 2007


Went for sauna bath today. It was a great experience. And this triggered my interest to find more about sauna.

Practically in Malaysia there are two type of sauna bathes: one is steam sauna(the one I went) and another one is dry sauna. There are many benefits contributed by sauna like weight loss (I'm concerned about this),stress alleviation, detoxification, and you name it :)

The one I went today is totally free of charge and it is located at Batu Kawan (place famous for seafood in Penang which you can't miss!). The philanthropist did it because she was terribly injured in a ghastly accident and she vowed to do charity if she ever recovered (something like this, my friend told me, I'm not too sure). The surrounding is really big and serene.

There are no worries for parking problem

There are two medium rooms; one for male and the other one for female. Behind the rooms, there are two big furnace burning wood and herbal like ginger and cogon grass. When you sit, stand, meditate, crap, whatsoever inside the room, there will be steam with strong aroma caresses your whole body. If you swing your body, the hotter steam will actually hit you mercilessly (I can't imagine this when my friend told me until I did it today).

The furnace

Tonnes of wood waiting to be burnt

Room you sauna.
Though it looks a bit outworn, but it's definitely
not worse than those you pay 100 over to have an one-hour-sauna

Comfy chairs and tables for you when you can't stand the heat
or you need a rest or you want to have a meal

No worry when there are actually many people as the chairs and
tables provided are more than enough

Loser: OMG too hot inside :(

We actually ran out when the heat reached maximum,
we suspected it was 100 degree celcius -.-

The person-in-charge encouraged us to go twice or thrice a week to reach the best effect. As I browsed thru some sauna info just now, I was learnt that we have a lot of toxic hidden or trapped in our body, and they can be removed in several ways but not those in our fat. However, with the help of sauna, our fat will become water-soluble at the temperature of 42 degree celcius and the toxic will be removed together with perspiration. Don't be flabbergasted when you read the following line:

One session of sauna (around half an hour) is equivalent to 10km run!

There are many more benefits actually but this was the one I remembered the best...

Go try one if you have never been, but if you want to lose weight by sauna-ing, then sorry, you have to go constantly.... Heee

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