Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss You Finally Emo~

But I miss you finally
But I miss you finally
Try to remember all these years
We shared the love we shared the tears
Thought that forever it would be
I realize you lie to me
I still hold on
Still dream of days when we were one

You played with my heart
You played with my mind
But I miss you finally
Right from the start
My love made me blind
But I miss you finally
All of these promises you made
This 4 letter word it seems to...
Baby it's hard to understand
Now that you're gone
We reached the end
I still believe
Still dream of days when we were one

You played with my heart
You played with my mind
Right from the start
My love made me blind

Whenever I listen to this song, I will get emo, I don't know why; it is not much related to the lyrics or the wordings itself, but I guess it is more to the melody effect.

It causes me to be emo, it has been years since I listen to this song, but at different stages I still feel the emptiness inside this song. It gives me some kind of helpless feeling. In life, should we really hold tight of what we want and regret when we get it? When we know we have a few choices in life, we will always miss the roads not taken. Many people say don't regret of what you have chosen, don't be sad of what you are having. There are many wise sayings in life which keep us alive, which keep us strengthened, which keep us going on...

At one point of my life, I was so eager to learn philosophy, I thought I can be wiser from learning that. But in reality, knowledge and wisdom are far apart. At one point of my life, I started slacking off my life and my live; but still get strengthened and then continue to strive for what I want. At one point of my life, when I thought I sacrifice a lot, only to learn there are many heroes and heroins around me; who am I compared to them? At one point of my life, I thought I won the world only to learn that I was too early to say that.

At one time of my life, and I think this may be forever I should remember:

"Actually not many sayings we need to know because life goes on.... "

I still believe things are positive when we are positive. Philosophers can be negative and positive, they have their own thoughts; so at this juncture, I feel that just be ourselves (of course not those indifferent and ignorant type), and things shall be fine, afterall, life goes on....

"Philosophy" in Life

Saw this in one tourism spot:

Take nothing but photographs;
Leave nothing but footprints;
Keep nothing but memories.

This may be applicable in our life journey too :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Valuable Lesson Learnt

Tried to withdraw money yesterday at an ATM machine in MidValley.

I pressed for RM1000, and it took quite some time in loading, I thought well, maybe RM1000 is too much to load. *grin* Then at the end, money didn't come out! I was panic as the balance was reduced and called the service center. It wasted my RM10 to call them as they either held the call or talked some lame nonsense which proves to me M*L*Y is not efficient at all! At the end, I went to report at a branch (luckily, the staff there were friendly and willing to help as they also agreed RM1000 is not a small amount of money). I then told the staff I was in urgent to use the money, then only they allowed me to use the card to withdraw the balance in my account, but not using ATM machine, but their special type of device.

Luckily today the money is credited to me, which is unexpectedly fast, as they told me they need at least 3 days for investigation.

Lesson learnt: Never put all eggs in one basket.

A Tiring Interview

Had a extremely mind-boggling interview. *sob*

I applied for an executive position but was interviewed by four peoples! Not only that, I was asked to present on the whiteboard my idea! They even asked me things beyond their scope!

Things are "funny" when you meet harsh interviewers :)

I will definitely laugh out loud if I get this job, because I think I screwed it, unexpectedly :)