Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Valuable Lesson Learnt

Tried to withdraw money yesterday at an ATM machine in MidValley.

I pressed for RM1000, and it took quite some time in loading, I thought well, maybe RM1000 is too much to load. *grin* Then at the end, money didn't come out! I was panic as the balance was reduced and called the service center. It wasted my RM10 to call them as they either held the call or talked some lame nonsense which proves to me M*L*Y is not efficient at all! At the end, I went to report at a branch (luckily, the staff there were friendly and willing to help as they also agreed RM1000 is not a small amount of money). I then told the staff I was in urgent to use the money, then only they allowed me to use the card to withdraw the balance in my account, but not using ATM machine, but their special type of device.

Luckily today the money is credited to me, which is unexpectedly fast, as they told me they need at least 3 days for investigation.

Lesson learnt: Never put all eggs in one basket.


OSL said...

RM1K is quite alot to withdraw from an atm machine.luckily the branch ppl are pretty efficient.=p

Anonymous said...

Urgh. ur last sentence is very wise.