Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sex Trade

“Suffer the children – how long will authorities allow this shameful sex trade to continue?”. This is the topic under features section in the current Reader’s Digest issue. I was annoyed after reading this. How could we human do such totally moral corrupted sin?! For those who have Reader’s Digest, you may read this article for details; for those who don’t have, I may pen some of the points and stories in the articles here.

In Cambodia, a girl who encountered her toughest time in her life as a result of the death of her dad decided to follow her neighbor to work in the capital to lighten her mum’s burden. What a shock was that her neighbor sold her to a brothel! Since then she had to work under men. Her boss even brought her to stitch her vagina to “regain” her virginity so that customers would like her and pay her more. What a shameful employer!

In Philippines, a pretty 13-year-old girl who worked in a bar noticed a famous government officer eyeing on her. The next day which was her birthday, she was given what she thought as medicine. The next morning, she found herself naked on the bed with the official’s son lying beside her. That day was as well the official’s son’s birthday and the girl and her virginity became his birthday present!

According to research conducted by Reader’s Digest, development in Asia has led to a widespread of sex trade. The main three factors are great demand for child sex from Asian men, indifference among lawmakers and enforcers and widespread corruption.

~Those sinful men believe it’s healthier to have sex with child as she has no sex diseases. Moreover, they believe having sex with children will bring them long life and good luck. What a shame!

~Though having sex with child under 16 is a crime and so employing those under 18 in sex trade, the sad part or rather ironical part is you can’t find any country where prosecution of traffickers has led to a reduce in the overall trafficking! Another issue we should really look into, hmm.

~Though there are laws mandated to beasts of having sex with children or trafficking child sex, the bribery and bleak corruption have led to the equality of no law to protect children from sex trade. The reason for that is those sex traders pay higher to them than government. On the other hand, if the case is brought to court, the sex trader can simply escape by just “giving” the judge US $ 10, 000. Another issue of integrity; if ever they are honest and responsible to their work, all these will not happen. Those officials are actually not different than those sex beasts!

What can we do then?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


The current Reader's Digest issue revealed the result of the global mobile phone test conducted by them. The personnel purposely left 30 phones programmed with their own number in various places over 30 countries. Guess what is the result? Before I read on, I thought the answer would be quite negative, but the end of the test showed a positive answer! Sometimes, in a crime-prone country like Malaysia, you and I(at least) have already lost our (my) confidence over our country security. How woule you expect we still have people return the phone to its owner? Thank God! Or shall I say Thank Teachers/Parents/Ancestors, with the great value being continued from generation to generation, we all are still clear that we should not take something does not belong to us.

I remember years ago, when I walked pasar malam with my mum and siblings, I was nearly stubbled over by something rectangle and black; I then took a close look at it; it ws a mobile phone (same as my previous phone model). My first action was to check the number (how stupid was I) and then tracked the number of home, dad, mum, etc and called. At that moment, I really asked myself should I take the phone or should I use all the credit in the phone before I returned. *evil* But my heart told me if I ever did so, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life (or at least for a long period) and for sure, my dad would come after me(this was as well the main reason I chose to return it). As what we liked to write in our essay during primary school, we would be rewarded if we are honest. And so, with little greed, I really hope to get something from the owner. *grins* When I passed the phone to the owner, I asked, "is this yours?"(another stupid question)" The anwer was a "yes" of course and the owner fleed after I passed it to him! How r**e he was!!!

My absent-minded dad misplaced his phone before and never got back though we called the number for tonnes of times! My friend lost her phone in a cineplex and never get back. This is as well to prove why I would have the feeling before I read to the end that the mobile phone test would have a negative answer. Perhaps I've lost faith in people especially when the murder, snatch-theft and rape cases happen so frequenly with snatch-theft happens every day!

Personally I strongly feel that integrity is of paramount importance! Without the strong sense of integrity, we can really be categorized as "moral-corrupted". I dare not say I am honest all the time. And to be honest, I copied my close friend's answer in Math Test2 in Foundation semester 1. I remembered clearly it was a trigo proof question. Why did I remember clearly till now. The answer is very obvious. I've been gnawed by the uneasiness of commiting a great "crime". I'm not kidding; I really felt uneasy. Last 2 week, I had programming assessment, when it almost came to the end session, still I couldn't figure out the algoritm, I was panic(this is for sure) and my friend passed me the pendrive to let me see the coding. Without any consideration, I returned to him. I know I can't let myself committing any "crime" any more. At last the tutor assissted me and I could finish the coding on time. I'm not self-praising myself here, but I really would like to say integrity is really very important. Our world will be much peaceful and of course we will live more happily with everyone has a strong sense of integrity... *laugh*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love to be loved by you ~ Marc Terenzi

I can’t believe I’m standing here
Been waiting for so many years and
Today I found the Queen to reign my heart
You changed my live so patiently
And turned it into something good and real
I feel just like I felt in all my dreams
There are questions hard to answer
Can’t you see…

Baby, tell me how can I tell you
That I love you more than life!
Show me how can I show you
That I’m blinded by your light!
When you touch me I can touch you
To find out the dream is true!
I love to be loved by you!

Your looking kind of scared right now
Your waiting for the wedding vows
But I don’t know if my tongue’s able to talk
Your beauty is just blinding me
Like sunbeams on a summer stream and
I gotta close my eyes to protect me
Can you take my hand and lead me
From here please yeah…

Baby, tell me how can I tell you
That I love you more than life!
Show me how can I show you
That I’m blinded by your light!
When you touch me I can touch you
To find out the dream is true!
I love to be loved, I need to be loved
I love to be loved by you!

I know they gonna say our loves not strong to last forever
And I know they gonna say that we’ll give up because of any weather
But how can they understand that our love is just heaven sent
We keep on going on and on cause this is where we both belong…

Baby, tell me how can I tell you
That I love you more than life!
Show me how can I show you
That I’m blinded by your light!
When you touch me I can touch you
To find out the dream is true!
I love to be loved, I need to be loved
I love to be loved by you!

Yes I love to be loved by you!

p/s: Try googling to search for the awesome lovestory behind this awesome song with this awesome lyrics...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Lately A-Z

A) My health broke down. This made me so miserable to sit and listen in lectures.

B) I broke my life record. Get 12.4/20 for Accounting midterm test. Ironically, I’m not sad at all.

C) My sport shoes are torn.

D) My 3-year mobile phone is spoilt. Should I repair it or should I buy a new one?

E) I continue committing suicide by watching Hong Kong series.

F) Don’t have the intention to open the textbooks to read anymore.

G) I really admire myself. I only attend Acc lecture for 5 times in 11 weeks.

H) Sleep in Programming lecture every Friday.

I) Always forget this and that. I can even forget what I’ve just said 5 minutes ago.
Lost my keys yesterday, couldn’t go in my room. Luckily left it in HT’s car.

J) Spend a lot for Actuarial Science professional paper. Spend around RM1k for this first paper.

K) Unlikely to do well in the final exam based on my current learning attitude.

L) Spend RM1k every month. No shopping. Don’t know where the money gone.

M) Quite stressful to present my proposal to my lecture whose English is darned good. She expects us to speak like “Mat Salleh”.

N) Bored of food in UTAR cafeteria and Section coffee shop.

O) Like to eat tuna recently. Dinner is always bread with tuna!

P) My lecturer encouraged us to work as a part-timer during this three-month-break; I’m reluctant because I’ve so Hong Kong series to watch and I really take these 3 months to recharge myself. Should I work or should I rest?

Q) Being blamed by friends to “disconnect” them. Honestly I never disconnect them, I’m really busy! Distance is a great barrier for us.

R) I don’t have the same channel with my secondary classmates anymore. Don’t like the way they communicate. Though they came UM, UKM, UTM and etc to study last month and invited me to go out. But with some nonsense excuses, I rejected all the invitations. Am I bad?

S) Looking forward the semester break Kampar/Cameron Highlands vacation.

T) Looking forward this study leave. Until week 14, it has been 11 weeks, I don’t go back home. Break another record.

U) Like to download movies and songs.

V) Found some TVB actors’ and actresses’ gossip website. Obsessed reading.

W) My lecturer asked us to read tonnes of Fortune 500, New York Times Magazine, Reader’s Digest and etc in this month. She said this would help in our final exam. Until now, I haven’t started reading any.

X) Time is my great enemy now. I always give myself excuse that I don’t have time for this and that; but I know if I’m really adamant and determined, time should be a great resource for me!

Y) Chicken essence doesn’t really work for me anymore. I think this is more due to my attitude problem. I always don’t feel like using my brain. Lackadaisical always.

Z) At this minute, I feel like not posting this negative entry! I shouldn’t send negative wave to universe!

Wake me up when “this moment” ends! No more procrastination please. After this post, I should really wake up and reform myself! Support me!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Something I don't wish to happen...

I’m so ignorant
Before this I thought distance would never be a barrier for us
I laughed at others for quarrelling over distance problem

Now for the first time
I greatly feel that distance is a big problem for us

Sometimes I had so much exciting things to share
But either I was busy or I worried I’d disturb you
And so I told myself I’d share with you the next time
But the next time never seems coming
At times when I was down
I really hoped you were there for me
Again you were busy

Things around you and me are evolving
Without realizing
Both of us are evolving as well

We’re getting further
Perhaps past has passed
Things changed will never transform into the original form
Clock will never tick inversely
What we shared and what we owned will never be the same anymore…