Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Lately A-Z

A) My health broke down. This made me so miserable to sit and listen in lectures.

B) I broke my life record. Get 12.4/20 for Accounting midterm test. Ironically, I’m not sad at all.

C) My sport shoes are torn.

D) My 3-year mobile phone is spoilt. Should I repair it or should I buy a new one?

E) I continue committing suicide by watching Hong Kong series.

F) Don’t have the intention to open the textbooks to read anymore.

G) I really admire myself. I only attend Acc lecture for 5 times in 11 weeks.

H) Sleep in Programming lecture every Friday.

I) Always forget this and that. I can even forget what I’ve just said 5 minutes ago.
Lost my keys yesterday, couldn’t go in my room. Luckily left it in HT’s car.

J) Spend a lot for Actuarial Science professional paper. Spend around RM1k for this first paper.

K) Unlikely to do well in the final exam based on my current learning attitude.

L) Spend RM1k every month. No shopping. Don’t know where the money gone.

M) Quite stressful to present my proposal to my lecture whose English is darned good. She expects us to speak like “Mat Salleh”.

N) Bored of food in UTAR cafeteria and Section coffee shop.

O) Like to eat tuna recently. Dinner is always bread with tuna!

P) My lecturer encouraged us to work as a part-timer during this three-month-break; I’m reluctant because I’ve so Hong Kong series to watch and I really take these 3 months to recharge myself. Should I work or should I rest?

Q) Being blamed by friends to “disconnect” them. Honestly I never disconnect them, I’m really busy! Distance is a great barrier for us.

R) I don’t have the same channel with my secondary classmates anymore. Don’t like the way they communicate. Though they came UM, UKM, UTM and etc to study last month and invited me to go out. But with some nonsense excuses, I rejected all the invitations. Am I bad?

S) Looking forward the semester break Kampar/Cameron Highlands vacation.

T) Looking forward this study leave. Until week 14, it has been 11 weeks, I don’t go back home. Break another record.

U) Like to download movies and songs.

V) Found some TVB actors’ and actresses’ gossip website. Obsessed reading.

W) My lecturer asked us to read tonnes of Fortune 500, New York Times Magazine, Reader’s Digest and etc in this month. She said this would help in our final exam. Until now, I haven’t started reading any.

X) Time is my great enemy now. I always give myself excuse that I don’t have time for this and that; but I know if I’m really adamant and determined, time should be a great resource for me!

Y) Chicken essence doesn’t really work for me anymore. I think this is more due to my attitude problem. I always don’t feel like using my brain. Lackadaisical always.

Z) At this minute, I feel like not posting this negative entry! I shouldn’t send negative wave to universe!

Wake me up when “this moment” ends! No more procrastination please. After this post, I should really wake up and reform myself! Support me!


ż£ż™ said...

A)It seems no difference to me at all =.=""
B)Of course you are not, the average score is FAIL. = = And you should be glad.
C)I've noticed that the day before XD.
D)Just buy a new one, with colors.
G)I really admire you, you get to attend 5 times. I've only attended once... (Oh... And JESS SKIPPED CLASS!?)
H)Again I admire you, you can sit still in that class. I don't think I ever stayed in Acc and Programming classes to the end till now.
L)What the... EVERY MONTH!?
M)She didn't say that to use though...
0)Bad eating habit...
P)Work and rest.
R)Not at all. It's a process in life and proves that you are still growing.
X)Same problem here.
Z)Too late now.

You have my support.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

A) These 2 days it turned worst. My back is aching for a long time already. Stress, I think.

B) I don't see average or not average. I'll be still happy if I get 98 though everyone gets 100.

C) It has been a long time. Have to spend another few hundreds if I get a new one. Really running out of money.

D) Running out of money.

G) Why not?

H) Thanks.

L) Yea. I only realised it when my dad told me that. -.-

M) She expected so.

O) Not really.

P) Can't focus on two things.

R) Really?

X) no comment

Z) no comment

Thanks for your support!

nostalgia.jesskang said...

A) I mean flu. I took a 5-hour-nap just now.

Catguin said...

A) yeah, notice that abit, but not too bad

B) dont worry, you score higher than me, the average is fail, the higest n as is 13 marks, be proud of it

c) hmmm...get a new one?

d) change phone, now a new phone is only rm200, (black ice)

e) dun worry, i am obsessed with gaming

f)dont worry, none of us have

g)how come u can be so lucky T_T i only skippe dit twice! ARGH

h)dun worry, i play ro

i)dun worry, you got me to be as bad memory as you.

j) well........cant help in that

k) i dont think this will be a problem for you. GAMBATTE!!!

l) uh........HOW MUCH?!

m)dun worry, till now i havent finish my powerpoint slide and i am presenting on monday

n)well.......even i also bored, dun worry, next time i cook for you.

o) miow? did u mention fish?

p) well, i am working part time now also XDXD

q) uh................can't help

r)uh..........cant help eaither

s)i also wanna go kai kai

t) huh? study leave? i am actually getting worried bout it

u) lucky my house no internet, i liek to download porn XDXD

v) can't read

w) ignore her on that

x) dun worry, all of us lack of time to study but got time to blog and ro XD

y) does chicken essence actually work?

z) argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 *faint*

nostalgia.jesskang said...

A) Observant. Not bad.

B) I don't see average.

C) Running out of money. For your info, I come from a poor family.

D) Running out of money. For your info, I come from a poor family.

E) I'm worried

F) I'm worried

G) Such a good student?!

H) *grins*

I) I only have DDR

J) It's okay. This is what I chose. Willing to pay for it.

K) It's a great problem for me!

L) RM1000 Ringgit Malaysia. Not pounds, not US dollar.

M) *grins*

N) Deal!

O) Yea. I mentioned fish Do you have any problem with me?!

P) You're unlike me; you're so energetic. I'm so lackadaisical -.-

Q) *sigh*

R) *sigh*

S) I'm going with my 3 sarawakian friends. Next time ok?

T) Why?

U) *grins*

V) There are some english version but very few.

W) Definitely I will

X) Agree

Y) Quite

Z) no more comment.

~K£cќ~ said...

A) I didnt know heaty can cause ear to bleed ... First time i listen =.= nose i know can la ...

B) Well u passed =.= wait till i get back my maths paper Zzzzz

C) & D) Time to get a new one along with a new phone =.=. Ask your dad to give u $ buy la

E) I dun believe u can die by looking at the tv ... I MEAN REALLY DIE

F) I never did

G) Thats a new record =.=

H) I sleep in English lec n tut, Maths lec n Basic Electronics lec every week =.=

I) Hmm ... Looks like u got infected with STML

J) Worth it? U know for yourself ...

K) Duh i expected that since the beginning for myself

L) U eat them for dinner =.=" thats a lot

M) I FAILED my presentation ytd ... it was worse then my ps 2nd speech


O) Tuna is nice

P)Both but then you only have one day to watch n 6 days to work =.=

Q) NO comment =.="

R) Well, i never did have the same channel with them before


T) Good ... another new recored set

U) Even if i have it i wun be able to dl Zzzzzz. House rule: NO downloads from 9am-2am

V) Last time it was blog, now gossip? =.=

W) Well i havent finish the reader digest he gave me =.=

X) I disagree XD coz im lack of time too

Y) Hmm ... need a brain wash?

Z) DUn worry, you're not the only one sending negative waves out

nostalgia.jesskang said...

A) Rare case. Ahem, "how" did you get to know my ear bleeding?

B) Definitely you'll not fail.

C&D) I come from a poor family.

E) You may have to believe. It'll really cause one to die if one watches 10 episodes (400 minutes) continuously. The "one" is me!

F) Sure?

G) Thanks!

H) This week I didn't sleep! Because I skipped class to have lunch and shop in MV!!

I) Seriously, I think I'm really infected with STML. Last Wednesday, my ex-housemate wanted to visit me and asked for my house number. At that moment, my brain was blank, having no idea at all what is my house's number.

J) What do you think? I don't know how to evaluate.

K) *laugh*

L) So far there is no biodegrable note available, so how can I eat them for dinner?

M) Really? Can't believe you 100%-ly, you always exaggerate. My presentation is on next Monday, really nervous, even more nervous than test. I know i'm not going to do well definitely.

N) I think I'll love it for a few days!

O) Yeah. Definitely.

P) Don't I tell you I'm a lotus eater?

Q) Never think of my previous blog arousing so many questions from my good friends...

R) Never mind, you have with those foundation one, right?

S) Next year, I only have 3 weeks too. By the way, I'll come back here at the last week of November, got time to entertain me?

T) Thanks! Bad news: "tiket ke utara semua sudah jual" T_T Looking for way desperately to go back. Hopefully my aunt will come KL that week then I can tumpang.

U) U can download from 2-8am then.

V) Both!

W) *smile*

X) As I said, if you were determined, definitely you'll have enough time. Determined in sense of not even a little procrastination.

Y) Perhaps.

Z) *sweat*

p/s I should not post this kind of entries. So inconvenient when I'm replying comment.


kiawin said...

Being here does it support you any?

It's time to buck up before it's too late.

Stop telling yourself things, just rest enough, and study.

You can do what everything after your final examination :)

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Thanks sir. You're very supportive!

Ok, I'll stop telling myself things, rest enough and study!