Thursday, July 26, 2007


Writing this when my stress meter shot up to the highest level! As a result of dilly-dallying and procrastination, I end up freaking at this moment. I'm having too little time to study too much things! Sigh T.T

Why there are endless tests in Actuarial Science?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maksim Mrvica

Fourth album : Electrik

Third album : A New World

Second album : Variations Part 1 and 2

First album : The Piano Player

I still remembered...

November, 2004....

There were many advertisments about Maksim's performance in Malaysia aired. I paid no heed to it, simply because I did not know Maksim much and of course I'd surely get killed if I told papa I want to go Genting Highlands to watch the performance. And so I just forgot about it...

I went Genting Highlands with my "mak angkat". I entered theme park outdoor first. Later on, "mak angkat" told me that she got 4 Maksim tickets with World Card points! What a coincidence! I was so excited! I never went concert before! *smile*

Later on, when I queued to enter Arena Stadium, I met several Maksim's fans! I'm not kidding. They're really Maksim's fans! They boughtMaksim's album the day before in KLCC to get Maksim's autograph and tickets to Maksim's concert and the next day they came Genting Highlands to watch the concert! They even went to learn piano at the age of 18 that time (if I'm not mistaken)! And so, they talked to me tonnes about Maksim.

One word to sum up the concert - marvellous! I was totally mesmerized during the one hour performance!

When I came back home, I bought Maksim's first two albums! But "original" ones! *smile*. Last year, when I knew more about downloading, I downloaded another two of his albums.

All the while, I just admired him secretly and lonely, because none of people around me liked him or even knew him! *sweat* Until today, when I was crapping with Shuzhen, then only I found out that she likes Maksim too! She listens to Maksim's great pieces of work whenever she is doing Math!

And so this makes me post an entry here...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Actuarial Science kills many people!

Gosh! A few of my friends are considering changing course from Actuarial Science to something else. Oh no, my life will be getting dull without their laughter, tease and craziness!

Before I enrolled in this course, many had advised me not to take AS because it’s unbelievably tough! But it’s still okay for me so far. I’m not regret so far. But thing I don’t like is this course has too many exams. I’m really overloaded!

It’s really not easy to be a qualified actuary. It’s really a long and bumpy road to be an actuary. No wonder many quit half way and no wonder actuaries are paid handsomely!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Gosh. Thierry Henry has ended his four-year-marriage with Nicol Merry! I'm truly sad when I read the news moment ago. I was searching frantically for the reason why Henry splitted with his model wife but to no avail.. Sigh. =.=

I've been down since the past few days. Three of my friends experienced their toughest time for the loss of their loved one. Other than being for them when they needed me, I could do nothing. Why is man so powerless? Why is live so fragile? Why there is a cycle called "birth-death-cycle"? Why do we always find ourselves at the bottom after being at the top moments ago?

I'm so helpless......

Monday, July 16, 2007


I find myself hard to resist loving Bowie Lam!!! He is so cool, so man, and of course so handsome for me!!! But the only thing I can do to show my love is watch all of his series!!! Sigh =.=

Share with me your thoughts about him or news of him if you like him... Don't attack me if you don't like him... *smile*

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little of my recent life

Adjectives which can be used to describe my life are not more than hectic, busy, torturing, tiring, and routine.

Hectic – packed schedule of endless tests and quizzes.

Busy – mountainous homework to be done and preparation for Actuarial Science Exam p.

Torturing - endless tests and quizzes force me to have consistent studying.

Tiring – preparation for Exam p while busy with my five frantic subjects in Bachelor of Actuarial Science.

Routine – wake up, wash and change, go UTAR, come back, rest, surf net, check friends' blog entries, call parents (or answer parents’ call) and do homework.

Does it seem I’m leading a hell-life? On the contrary, believe it or not, I quite enjoy it actually. First of all, this is because I’m heading to what I want. Secondly, I find myself love Math more; solving, proving and deriving is fun! Thirdly, no matter what, I’ll squeeze some time for novel; I really enjoy myself reading novel while listening to music! *smile* Fourthly, not having my closest friends (those studying in Setapak Campus) beside me make me know other nice friends like Shuzhen and Hon Tong. Life is really no more than give and gain!