Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 is really not my year!!

I swear! 2012 is really not my year!!!

This morning, like usual, I took MRT to go working. When it was one station away from my office, I started feeling very dizzy and my sight was getting dimmer and dimmer... I tried to hold tight the pole beside me, but the next moment, I was lying on the floor!!

I fainted! I lost conscious once again! When I fainted, some passengers made an emergency call to the ground staff. So when the train reached Raffles Place, I heard someone asking if I was alighting at that station. I nodded while I was lying on the floor.. Then some passengers carried me up and passed me my handbag, they told me to walk to the control station, there would be staff coming to my assistance.. At that time, I was very weak, I was thinking how could I walk. Because it was like the immediate moment when I regained my consciousness, I was being dragged out of the train. Luckily an auntie approached me and walked me to the nearest bench.. I think I was being dragged to the bench, as I was extremely dizzy.

The auntie is a very kind person. She hugged me as she said I was sweating cold, and even asked me to lean on her shoulder. I was leaning on her shoulder, while she was stroking my palms and hands to keep me warm. I was very touched to meet such a kind person! 

Then the MRT staff pushed the wheelchair to my direction and sent me to the staff office to rest and had a cup of water. Argh.. How I wish to take the auntie's contact number to really thank her.. She is really my Samaritan! Not to forget to thank the MRT staff too, who assured the auntie she would take care of me and make sure I am safe before I left for my office. 

Why am I so weak nowadays?! I was actually suffering from fever during the weekend. Sigh.. I almost fall sick every alternate week! I could not imagine the next time I lose my consciousness and could never wake up anymore.. Live is so fragile.. *sob sob*