Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puzzle Solved! Perfect Feeling!

I'm in exam weeks now, so I'm gonna to make this very succinct.

All this while, I never knew what mandarin songs I was listening as WMP and itune can't display mandarin word though I'd run Microsoft AppLocale. Until I saw Shane's MSN Messenger can display the mandarin songs' title nicely, this surely arouse my strong intuition to find out the reason behind. I attempted quite a number of ways but to no avail. And last night (at the time of 4am), I consulted a friend of mine, a computer geek, Ken, he suggested me to change my laptop's non-unicode language to Chinese. And so I changed it to Chinese PRC, amazingly WMP could then display the song's title. But when I tried a few more mandarin songs, I found that WMP could only display simplified Chinese but not Traditional Chinese. And thus, WMP still showed alien title when I play songs with Traditional Chinese wordings.

Ken then suggested me to edit the title one by one manually, which of course as a lazy person, I definitely won't consider that. I then went googling about that, until I bumped into lowyat forum. To my amaze, many people discussed about this issue too. One of the post suggested to install TTplayer, as it could display all songs be it English, Mandarin, Japanese or Korean. And so without wasting any time, I quickly downloaded, installed and played it.

This is the first time, China product satisfied me! TTplayer is so comprehensive. It shows not only title, singer, etc (these are basic equipment in any player), but also lyrics! This is definitely a good news for karaoke kaki (but not me)! Anyway it benefits me in the way I do not need to look into internet to search lyrics anymore. Another selling point of TTplayer is that it takes a very small capacity (only 3MB) instead of 50MB(itune). Not only that, it also updates us with latest songs, and we can download it free from the qianqian website (bear in mind downloading songs is illegal, but who cares =P).

TTplayer is really a onestop

I'm really delightful now to have this gnawing problem solved. How I wish I have this strong determination too to solve academic problems @@

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cliche 5

"To forget and to remember are equally hard"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Something is definitely wrong with my English

Short Talk:
Finally the storm is receding, peace is slowly emerging to the surface (I hope).
Nothing is sweeter than having friends at your side staggering through the storm with you and giving you wholehearted support.
Get an inspiring book entitled "Beggar Pauper" from my friend as a present today... Start wondering if I'm that nerd.. *grin* Anyway I appreciate that very very much...

Another semester is creeping to the end again.... As usual, UTARians like to paste some notices in the toilet to advertise their rented house/room. And as usual, I like to read those notices.

I got a shock when I read this-"cook is available"!

Is something wrong with my English? With the mere few hundred rental each month, you get a cook cooking (redundancy intended) for you!!! This is definitely a good room, no? Anyone wants to rent it?

See, I'm so good to help this particular person to advertise his/her house...

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Two big blows on my face has finally made me fall, fall terribly until I never think of standing up. I just found that I'm not that sanguine after all.

Quote from my friend, "When you know more, you care more; when you care more, you worry more. It's so good to be ignorant."

This sounds so much like the first cliche I wrote in my blog --- Ignorance is a bliss.


Almost 24 hours dwelling on the agonizing happening, and almost 3/4 day of deep slumbering (wonder why), I can almost sure to tell that I'm okay right now... Sorry for those whom I told about the doleful news, I made you all worried too much. I promise I will never tell this kind of mournful things anymore (learn from one friend, we should not make people we love worry about us).