Saturday, November 29, 2008

Attempt on New Beverage

Will our preference change according to our age? When we were babies, we liked milk. When we were kids or teens, we liked carbonated drink. When we are adults, we like alcoholic beverage?

I'm trying on it....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never Be The Same

From today onwards, my life will not be the same, and I know I won't want too!!!

A new and wonderful journey has just begun!!!

Will A Turmoil Be Ended With The Calm?

This Friday will mark the end of academic weeks of this semester. Well, this sem, has been a bumpy and thrilling rideeee! I deeply believe I have thrown out my heart from my throat; and I haven't found it to place it back.

From the very beginning, I was so busy with my two external exams until I have no time to blog about the second day of my Pangkor Trip. Thank God, I assumed myself passed MFE exam from the preliminary unofficial result. Whereas for FM, I could not say anything about it. The feeling of walking out of the exam room was I wanna throw out some f's words! But still, I will pray earnestly. We shall see in January when the official result is out.

The exciting thing is one day before my MFE exam I had Business Law test. And I only studied it in the morning of the test. Without knowing what is happening, I got 10/16 for it. And I was really glad for that because I know I could get higher, just that I did not know the technique of answering Law paper. I answered it straight without bringing some prior and posterior topics. (Prior and posterior are terms used in Probability, I misuse them here... Actuarial students like to use the jargon in daily life.. Bear with us...)

Things get extraordinarily slippery as the semester is proceeding.

One and the half day after my FM exam, I had Simulation test. And I did terribly terrible. I just got 3/13. Worse still, today was the second test of it, and I know for sure I could not get more than 6.5/13. So practically, I can say bye bye to A for this subject; at the same time, I can say bye bye to 4.00 this sem too...

Last Monday was a turbulent day I would say. I had Simulation Assignment 1 to be submitted on the next day. And we had to send the soft copy of the coding before Tuesday, which means before 12 midnight. I started on the coding at 9pm. And I got frenzied at 10.30pm as it kept popping out the error message when I tried to run the coding. I then asked my friend to help me have a look of it. And guess what, I misspelled the word "sheet"! My friend left a comment beside it, and I thought I misspelled it as "shit"! (You know in a state of agitation, our mind can just go haywire). But actually I just had 3e's for the sheet. Well, I had no faintest idea what was wrong anymore. What I did was to waiting impatiently and worriedly for my friend to correct it for me. "Having ants in my pants" describes my feeling no more of that time. And before the minute hand struck 12, my friend sent me the workable coding!!! At the same time, our tutor granted mercy on us. He allowed us to submit later as many were still struggling at that time. Then I added in some buttons at my spreadsheet to make the program more user-friendly and flexible. Right after that, I asked my team member to decorate the spreadsheet (I'm sucks in art) while I was working on the pseudo code. We finally emailed our assignment at 2.30am. The sorry thing was my friend had to delay his supper from 11pm to 1am!!! Really have to hug and kiss him affectionately as he is my great savior! Two days after this, group by group was called for interview regarding the coding. I learnt that the interview was troubling most of the groups and thus I got myself prepared line by line of the coding and some concept-related problems too. And needless to say, I did WELL during the interview. *pride* There is another Simulation assignment to submit this Friday, and I haven't started anything on it (not even read the question).

I keep repeating my mistake which is LAZINESS without a sense of repentance.Actually I do regret of my laziness but the temptations around keep luring me to sin!!! At the end, I end up with the mediocre horrendous result!!! At this point of time, I hope that with my newly set commitment, I can still save the whole situation.

The cruel, harsh, and ugly reality challenges me from the state of being sanguine, poised and steady.

Will a turmoil be ended with the calm? Will a storm be ended with a rainbow?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Electronic Shopping and Talipon

Finally I took a break after my disappointing Simulation test and Business Law assignment (but there are still two Simulation assignment to be submitted)...

Many are worn-out in this packed and dull short semester. I'm one of them. I find myself no heart to study for internal tests and not sure if I can focus studying for the coming internal exam. I must change my attitude!!!

Alan asked me to try Talipon at Cheras on Thursday, but I told him there is one at Kelana jaya which is so much nearer. And since he did not know the way, I promised to go with him, Gin Hwa and Shuzhen the next day. But the very next morning, I regretted as I find that I cannot go for buffet anymore, considering my SIZE!!! Yet, after being persuaded by them, I went at last (so I didn't bring my camera along)...

Before going, Hon Tong drove me to Digital Mall to buy rechargeable batteries and earphone (I feel that headphone is inconvenient to use). Reaped a rich harvest-get to buy the batteries at a low price.

Discovered a shop selling all the things related to camera at a reasonable price, shall tell Shane that when he is back from USA...

Reached Talipon at 7pm, after being stuck in the traffic jam for an hour. Alan and his friends had been eaten so much when we reached there. Oh ya, Talipon is a restaurant providing buffet-type steamboat and BBQ which costs RM22 per head.

I shall just write some captions for the pictures... (very tired now)...

A variety of "balls", ranging from fish, pork, to crab.
And some mushrooms

Curry-marinated fish

prawns, sausages, flower crabs,
lalas, sihams (what are these two called in English?)

Some noodles to eat with steamboat

I touched none of these,
as they make us full easily *sweat*

Hon Tong's BBQed sihams...

It's quite healthy actually to eat steamboat,
providing we don't eat much meat like pork, lamb and beef..

But not when we bbq
spreading lots of this unhealthy butter on the food to make it nice.

Took some pictures of the surrounding
while I was having a rest from eating..


The lovely couple, Alan and Gin Hwa

Alan and Hon Tong

Anyway, I still feel that it's not worthwhile to eat steamboat out of my home...

Though we ate quite a lot of prawns

Those restaurants just give us some cheap seafood, cheap fishballs and cheap meat.. *grins*

Even the pomfrets are cheap one

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov 3 to Nov 6

I should study Pendidikan Moral now as there is a test tomorrow, but this post tells you what I'm doing.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have 2 internal tests and 2 external exams this week. Well, I flunk Business Law test on Monday. I think I could just get less than half which is 8 and below out of 16!! 4 flat this sem seems infeasible at this stage.

The next day I had MFE (Modeling for Financial Economics) external exam in MII (Malaysia Institute of Insurance) at Damansara Heights. Yeah!! Preliminary result showed that I passed it!!! This is the first external paper I pass at first attempt. Thanks a lot to my arduous sifu (I will dedicate a post about him when I am free).

(No time for celebration as I still have another external exam two days after it)

The eruption of pimples and my deep eyebag tell you
hectic and disorder my life is.

Then it came my second external exam, FM (Financial Mathematics) today. I was really unprepared and got the ants in my pants. For the past two days, there was power failure at the test center and hence my friends all could not sit for the exam. I prayed hard for power failure since the day I was back from MFE exam to have my exam cancelled too. And God really answered my call!!! My exam was cancelled as the property manager of the test center was and is still struggling to fix the problem.God has helped me so much. So I tell myself there is no reason and no room for me to fail this exam anymore(sounds aggressive, so unlike me).

Since I haven't passed my FM exam, I can't open wine to celebrate. And so I just asked my sifu out for dinner at the complex, Jaya One which is a stone's away from my housing area. I did a little research before I came to decide to dine in at Simply Fusion. This is simply because I wanna treat my sifu a good meal or if it has slowly become my habit to check out the restaurant before I give it a try?

This restaurant originated from Rawang and it is famous for its Pepper Fore Shank. However we didn't order it. Firstly, I cannot eat spicy food. Secondly, my sifu is sick (I spread my flu to him, my bacteria is too strong or my sifu is too weak?). And so I ordered a set come with a piece of sirloin steak, a piece of cake and a glass Azuki Fritz (the name for a beverage) while my sifu ordered lamb chop and a glass of pineapple and apple combo.

Well, I'm not much into lamb and beef. So I could not give much comment. I like the sauce very much and I feel that the steak was well marinated, but the beef was a bit tough and the portion was bloodyhumongous large for me. I gave it 75/100.

The beverage was special for me. It was a mixed ice-blended of red beans (azuki), soya milk and the taste of vanilla ice-cream, with the topping of more red beans.

My sifu gave the lamb chop 80/100.

One of some random artistic attempts by my sifu

Overall, I think the food deserved the word-scrumptious. (Argh, I'm not good in describing food)

After the main course, we were served the cake we chose.

Chocolate Sensation, the name of it.
With this piece of cake, I think I need
have 500 times of rope skipping tonight!!

I like the ambiance of the restaurant too. It's not exactly grand (I cannot afford any classy restaurant of course),

but it is definitely cozy and conducive for chit-chat.

So I gave it 85/100. The waiters are polite too. Without realizing, we were chatting for the freaking two hours!! For the pricing, it is average compared to the Italian or the Mexican restaurant at the complex. My set was RM29++ while my sifu's lamb chop was about RM19 with the beverage cost around RM5++. Malaysian restaurants always like to hide the additional charges.

And it came the time for me to foot the bill, but my sifu insisted paying on his own. Argh, I think he must want me to purchase him a bottle of fine and magnificent Romanée Conti instead of just a plain meal with a glass of table wine... *grins*

Before I made my way home, I took more picture of the complex and its breath-taking night view with my lousy camera. I'm not sure if it's the problem of my camera or my skill. So bear with me for some not so decent pictures.

p/s: I will show the pictures of my sifu in the coming post. I forgot to take some human pictures again. I'm not ss (syok sendiri) perhaps?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Honesty is the best virtue?

Short talk: I'm gonna die soon!!! 2 tests and 2 external exams in a week!!! Taking a break to blog and read blogs for a while.

I was having an academic discussion with my friends yesterday in my campus. While I was making my way to go back home, I saw this - The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie.

Concerning this, I argued shared my thought with a friend of mine before. I'm a good pretender and liar, and so I always feel that, to certain extent, telling a lie is good to both parties.

But what my friend said-do we lie just to protect the party we lie to, or do we lie to protect ourselves- is worth a while for us to contemplate. And when I saw that "naked TRUTH is better than best dressed LIE", my friend's words rang in my mind, until I decided to write a post about this.

Should we be so inflexible determined to be so honest?