Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Being Flawed

This CNY I asked my cousin, "why do you always take the trouble of snapping pics with your lomo camera? which require you to refill film and send to photo studio to process them? plus you cannot edit until after you process and scan them into your pc..."

She answered, "I like things with some flaws"

I was totally stunned and after a while I was really amazed by her statement. In life we tend to be too perfect until we become too fake. Every picture we see on the advertisement has undergone a painstaking Photoshop, almost every Korean artist has gone through plastic surgeries.

Sometimes in life, we really just have to be what we are. *grin* Life can be a bliss if we are contended with the flaws we have.


~anGIE~ said...

wow, i like this statement too..
"I like things with some flaws"..
everyone has flaws and we just have to accept it =)

Wei Chen Esmonde Lim said...

I accept the flaws thought I don't like it xD

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