Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Miss Foundation Studies

Short talk:
a) Met Kynne yesterday, he said I'm thinner!!!
b) I've not been sleeping for more than 24 hours, I'd spent more than twelve hours watching Hong Kong series . Somehow I'm so alert now!

Saw a shop selling babies' things and equipement, bambino just now in SS2. I straight thought of my Goddess, Ms Kong.... I still adore you like ever, Ms Kong!!! *smile* Miss You!!!

I still couldn't online at home because I haven't called the wireman to fix the spoilt cable. Came UTAR surfing after having lunch alone in SS2.... Bumped into Ms Audrey at PA main gate, talking greeting her "hi" and "see you". She still remembers me!!! Couldn't talk much because she was in her car at the main gate. *sweat*

Came back PA after like eternity... I miss Foundation Studies, TD3, lecturers and everything!!!


Shane said...

I miss my college life too! My lecturers, Miss Lai, Geong, Jenny, Dr Teo and Mr Ooi! My burmatel family and Miss Tan, Mr Koay!! I miss penang food..!!

ż£ż™ said...

Hey, is the timetable out?

~K£cќ~ said...

Owh =.="

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Out already... But need to go PD to check... =.=