Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 10, 2010

Well, I will slowly blog about events before and after the Chinese New Year. I failed most of the resolutions, so I am now doing the redeeming work. *grin* (I am scolded that I am too lazy and put too little effort on my big and ambitious goals) 

I am influenced by Shane recently that photos must be editted to make them presentable. So I took some time to edit, upload, and blog. 

I yearned for pizza from Pizza Hut for quite some time, and always I could not make myself step into Pizza Hut due to many random and sudden reasons. And finally, on Feb 10, 2010, I went to Pizza Hut in Mid Valley to enjoy the sumptuous meal with my friend.  

After we wandered shopped around for a while, we were attracted by a crowd in Central Court and so being someone kiasu, I pushed myself as front as possible to the stage to have a look on the acrobatic show. A nice show indeed. Chinese from China are really talented, they can make a lot of awesome things which make you wow

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We then came to this stall which was so reddish. Wanted to buy some calves back home but they were so expensive. 

After some window shopping, we then went home.... 

It is quite merry to have pre new year celebration in cities, as shopping complexes will hold various kind of performance and celebration. But it is never fun to celebrate it when it is on the day itself. Things always have pros and cons. :)

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