Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre Chinese New Year Thought

When small, I used to think that, with Chinese New Year, everything stops operating. People close shop is the most apparent one (market, bank, school, offices, factories, coffee shops, restaurants...)

However, I later learnt from dad that things are not like that. People still operate as usual, the most, they only rest on first or second day of new year. 

I then slowly learn that, this is also same to securities market and all kind of illegal investment speculating markets. 

What I am wondering now is, as, Chinese population is growing (not sure) but it is very big, will our feeling during festival affect the trading actitivies? 

Well, my main point is, will our feeling affect trading/investment during festive season? If yes, to what extent? 


Alvin Soh said...

Maybe you can have a deeper thought and research about this during the new year, and extend the theory of behavioral finance: How festival affect currency changes/ stocks movements...

nostalgia.jesskang said...

I just that investors are also lackadaisical during lunar new year. So the trading is not that active normally :)

Anonymous said...

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