Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have been struggling for quite a while as Chinese New Year is around the corner. Chinese New Year for most of the Chinese outstation is to go back their perhaps already alien hometown for reunion, it is meant to be a very merry and warm festival. 

Unexpectedly, a pang of confusing feeling hit me as I think of Chinese New Year this time. It mainly reminds me of my root. For those who are closed with me, they know I wish to go overseas very much. I might be someone who is ambitious likes to build castleS in the air. I always feel the land overseas is a green pasture. I always feel people abroad are more polite, more liberal, more considerate etc. To what extent they are true, I have no energy to argue here.

But, try to ponder on the followings:

1. Do you feel bored after eating spaghetti, steak, sandwiches for quite a while? And out of sudden, what you want is the cheap RM5 mixed rice at the chinese stall? 

2. Do you get sick of tonnes of english songs played everyday in your ears? And out of sudden, you go and download some chinese songs to listen? 

3. Do you find yourself worn-out of the rat race and suffocating environment? And out of sudden, what you want is to go back home to have some leisure time? (This applies even if your home is in any cities)

After a while, for someone who is looking forward, I begin to doubt, having my family here and pursuing prosperous future is really that fascinating. 

I begin to miss my family.

I begin to trace back my root.


P/S: Sometimes, we really do not need to wait until we come to the stage of "For what is a man profited, having gained the whole world, but having lost or forfeited himself?" and realize we need to go home. :)

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