Friday, February 26, 2010

Peculiar Longing

When I was in primary school, some friends mentioned they were admitted to hospital before due to fever, small operation, etc... And guess what, I wished I could also stay in a hospital for one or two nights to make myself "equal experienced" with my peers! @@I was wondering hard why everyone was so "blessed" that they could be admitted to hospital while I didn't have the chance. *speechless*

Luckily I am really blessed that I have never been admitted to hospital besides when I was born (that one not admitted, by the way). And now when I know more about insurance, how I appreciate that my parents take good care of me and how blessed I am that I have zero hospital admission and so it eases the insurance procedures. *winks*

Sometimes, good or not good is really hard to be judged.... Perhaps should learn from Jackie Chan in his Little Big Soldier that when we encounter everything, we should have the spirit of facing it with positive mind of saying "quite good".... 

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