Monday, March 8, 2010

Dreadful Ordeal

Saturday night I slept at 12 something after back from Sunway. Since I had assignment to rush for, I woke up at 6am the next morning.

However, I saw a message from a very old secondary schoolmate of mine addressing herself (since we never contact like since form 3) and telling me she heard news about my dad and asked me how was my dad. I felt a big shot of adrenaline rushing down my spine. I just talked with my mom on Friday night, and she didn't mention anything about my dad's problem. I started to imagine wildly. Bad scenes kept pulling me from my attempt to focus on the assignment.

I then "analyzed" if my friend was pranking on me since we have not contacted for a long time, and she is not a close friend of mine. But hapless tragedies kept gnawing me. I called and messaged my sisters but they didn't answer me. I dare not call my parents at that hour since it is still early. I actually even thought of calling my cousin to see if she knows this.

Anyhow, I went back bedroom to try put myself asleep. It was a horrible and terrifying sleep! For the three hours, I had night mares non-stop on mishaps happened to my dad and mom. The mishaps were truly driving me to the hell! I was very frigtened until I was awakened and had a serious headache when I woke up.

I then called my dad and mom, still no picking up. After few minutes, I called my friend, and she told me about my dad was robbed etc, then I induced that she was referring to my uncle. My mom told me about the dreadful incident on Friday night already. Then few minutes later my dad called me telling me he is okay and puzzled why I called him so early in the morning. My mom then called me, they were worried about me, since my sisters told them I called them too at 6am. I then told my mom what had happened etc. And my mom was "scolding" me how foolish I was. If anything happens, she or my family member will surely inform me.

After the incident, I was very "angry" as I felt I was pranked and I suffered mental torture for no reason! I complained to my good friends about this incident! They too helped me throwing out all the F words! *grins*

Until now I still cannot find a reason for my friend to do so other than concern. But even if it is, she can just confirm the incident from my friend, most probably my best friend in hometown. I think, normally for us, we won't go directly to the victim to ask for the updates of any accident/mishap right since we are not closed with the victim. Besides, I don't give my this digi number to any not close friends, so the source she got it is also puzzling. I truly don't understand!

This incident told me I need to handle this kind of thing rationally; my EQ is too low, especially dealing things related with my family. I then recalled, when I was small, my mom kept reminding me not to believe any stranger telling me my parents were having accident and admitted to hospital, and wanna fetch me to hospital. It was when kidnapping was prevailing. How foolish I am!


Stella said...

You are worried because you care :) Don't be over anxious, next time can just pray first!

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Yea.. Thank God.. I actually prayed to calm myself down, though not much.. Still I believe the Lord is merciful to my family =)

Sophos said...

Waaaa... Don't know what to say; although I feel swt ==

nostalgia.jesskang said...

you sweat for my foolishness or my friend's ridiculous act?

Sophos said...

Both ler actually == I really speechless haha