Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is the post I promised to blog quite a time ago. I boarded train to come back KL after CNY holidays. This was the first time I board KTM. I had quite a bad impression towards it as many told me about its downside. But I think it was not that bad after all even though I just had an economic seat.

This is how the ticket look like

There are many carriages which fetch passengers and my carriage was R3.

One thing to complain about the seat is it's a bit small for a big size person like me...

Good thing about it is you can have your meal onboard, there is a stretchable table at the back of your front seat.

There are small stalls selling food too. But I didn't go exploring as I was boarding the train with another serious friend, and I dared to do silly things. =.=

The air-con system works fine too
(my main concern)

According to my friend who always takes train to go PG and come back KL, the train toilet sucks the way out. But the train I took had no problem with its toilet. =.= The lock was functioning too.

The condition is not bad,
but not grand of course

But one bad thing is there were quite a number Malays (illegal workers I supposed) who didn't have ticket and were asked to stand at the place between the carriages, and if you wanted to go toilet, you ought to pass by them, which I was not comfortable with. I think the train conductor should check everyone's ticket before they board the train instead of examining after the train passes by a few stops =.=

So never make any decision or have your mind set until you really experience it.


~K£cќ~ said...

Good for you, my the one my sis boarded was bad. Too noisy until they couldn't sleep and ended up chatting all night.

I forgot the other cons but she complained quite a lot for that train >.<

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Yea, if you're quite alert, you can't sleep as it's a bit noisy... I slept too much in the afternoon, so I just had an hour sleep in the train =.=

What I did was to observe the different between every train station from my place to KLSentral =.=

vien said...

How long the time the train from NT to KL central.??
Really got train from NT to KL central arr??

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Ermm departed ath 10.40pm and reached at 6am... The train reached earlier, supposedly reached at 6.15am