Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Responsibility as a Citizen

Notice lots of portraits hanging across the streets, on the lampposts? Loan shark? If you're so indifferent of your surrounding, let me remind you our country 12th General Election fall on March 8, 2008.

Heat of big election

This doesn't mean I'm a BN supporter,
just that there are so many BN banner hanging
in my housing area, wonder if this area is
dominated by BN

Nah, don't blame your country of not granting you freedom, now it's time to have a deep consideration of who to support and appreciate the chance you have for you to shape your country...

Don't ask what your country can give you; ask what you can give to your country (I know this is lame), but please take your responsibility as a citizen seriously and vote wisely =) Our fate is in everyone's hand...


Shane said...

We decide our fate ourselves.. We vote for what we want.. So now is the time to change the undesirable past, creating ur hankering future..

So please do not blame the governments for their inefficiency in everything. That was the choice you made in the last election..

~K£cќ~ said...

I can't vote, yet :). By the way UTAR is under MCA =.=", and the whole stretch of road outside UTAR and KTAR is full of BN's banner

Anonymous said...

Anon delivers : BN Sucks to the max...

Time for a new government... no more 2/3 by them.