Monday, January 12, 2009

Verdicts of Resolution 2008

Resolution 1
Lose weight for three to five kg, maintain at 48-50kg
Verdict: Failed... Still maintain at the weight at the beginning of the year. Is that a big console?

Resolution 2
Lead a healthy life, as in sleeping early and waking up early and doing cardio more.
Verdict: FAILED terribly!! Get worse..

Resolution 3
Learn to cook, minimize eating out, minimize Ajinomoto
Verdict: Failed. Just cooked for one week.

Resolution 4
Save RM3 each day, save RM1k in a year
Verdict: Failed. I used the money to buy an electronic keybooard, a MP4, and a camera.

Resolution 5
Minimize chatting nonsense online
Verdict: Failed. But get to know some great friends.

Resolution 6
Conquer more hills, mountains if possible.
Verdict: Failed. Don't have time to try.

Resolution 7
Not to do last minute work.
Verdict: Failed!

Resolution 8
Concentrate more in lectures and tutorial classes, minimizing dozing off (or shall I say sleeping >.<)
Verdict: Failed!! And I was awarded the honor of "Skipping Class Queen"

Resolution 9
Pass Exam P/1 and Exam FM.
Verdict: Passed!!! I pass one more paper, which is MFE.

Resolution 10
Improve or maintain my GPA.
Verdict: Failed. Maintained one sem, dropped terribly for two sems.

Resolution 11
Bury myself more in library to read something beyond my studying scope.
Verdict: Passing. Read something beyond my studying scope, yes, but at home.

Resolution 12
Read twenty novels.
Verdict: Failed!!! But I read more than 25 books (not textbook).

Resolution 13
Get to know more coursemates.
Verdict: Passed.

Resolution 14
Learn tennis, improve badminton, visit gym more
Verdict: Failed terribly.

Resolution 15
Try alcohol
Verdict: Passed!!!

Resolution 16
Try more nice food (hopefully this does not contrast with resolution 3)
Verdict: Passed!

Resolution 17
Minimize going back hometown, three times the most (to cut hair).
Verdict: Passed.

Resolution 18
Learn a new language.
Verdict: Failed.

Resolution 19
Spend less (hopefully this does not contrast with resolution 16).
Verdict: Failed!

Resolution 20
Learn to be more rational, contented and careful.
Verdict: Passing.

So yea, 15 fails, 2 passings, and 5 passes. Grade the year 2008 for me =.="


ByteSurfer said...

Jess, now i can guess what is your weight already since that you state it so clearly on the blog. That is something good so that it will give you some extra motivation to reduce it...

From here i see that you had plan to many "major" goals for ya self... try to only focus on several goals like 5 this year.

Got time back Penang ring me up for yum cha la ....

Catguin said...

at least u have some that passed! lol