Thursday, September 24, 2009

Real Salvation?

Okay... Recently a friend of mine is so crazy about joining hand in saving our Mother Earth. And of course, being a very good friend of his, I am influenced too... Hang on a minute... I think I am not influenced by him, I have had the awareness; I would just admit perhaps, this kind of noble heart is once creeping inside me now...

During the whole conversation with him after watching the video clip, I found that money is the real root of world destruction. What then is the real salvation? I still place the glory to our Father, the Creator!

Even for the sentence Shane quoted from me, I would say I got enlightened by the Lord's words. All the way in the conversation, seeing the world getting worse, it assures me that be it from economical wise, or humane wise, we still need gospel!

Okay enough of crap, please spread around the video clip.


SJ said...

go green! it's worth it.

From me to you, suejean =)

Anonymous said...

hey u, wad u mean crap. == its true, GOSPEL! Gospel preached fast -> White horse run fast -> Testimony in every city fast -> The Lord comes back soon -> Don't need care for saving Mother Earth. Haha.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

:) You know me Sophos!!! Sometimes it might be not so suitable to say some "spiritual terms" publicly... haha People might think that they are jargons.... haha