Sunday, November 29, 2009

Opera Rocks

Just when I was furious about Firefox "turtling" my hectic life, I gave another try to Opera! Why another? It is because two years back I used it and it had an ugly interface and was slow too... 

Now not only the interface is nice but the speed is way faster than the once champion Firefox. I opened Firefox last night and after that opened Opera. Guess what? Opera appeared first with my auto sign-in of email! Nowadays Firefox's loading of GMail is pretty slow, not to say IE (I have abandoned it donkey years ago). You will always see a message if you don't have Google Chrome whereby it prompts you to use it with GMail to make your life faster. But shame on it. It is still way slower than Firefox. Many times, I really don't understand why advertisements can be so misrepresentative! Just like last night I went shopping in Mid Valley. I was so thirsty and went in Carrefour to get a bottle of Bliss (some yogurt drink). When I came out I only realized there was a big booth of Nestle selling all the Nestle yogurt beverages, claiming to be "best buy" things like that. I was kind of regret (I know I am like an aunty). But when I looked up the price tag only I knew it was more expensive than Carrefour! You see how subtle can businessmen be. 

You dare, you win!

This is the principle to survive and stand out. 

Okay hell of rantings. Back to my topic. Opera rocks! 

Nice nice interface...

Another story of a subtle product-Windows 7. I heard it was a repacking of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Interface with Windows Vista, but operating system with Windows XP. WTH is that.... I recalled another sarcastic story given by a passionate nature lover. Whereby she said, our processor speed just relies on the chipset, the subtle thing is that the manufacturer keeps changing the size of it, forcing us to ditch our whole bulky computer just to get a new one with faster speed.

There are more and more subtle stories.  Suddenly recall, in business world, there is another big repackaging-Securitization


Shane said...

Hey agree!! I just install opera and it works faster than firefox!!1 HOooo love it now :)

Sophos said...

haha oltho im super late. but yeah, i like opera lols. especially when firefox gives problem in lols