Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blood Donation at Dhoby Ghaut

I never give up pestering persuading friends around me to donate blood. I feel that giving out blood is a noble responsibility. It saves lives at no cost!

I skipped donating blood once after June and felt obliged to donate blood right after my exam. (You can see that exam took away lots of my freedom =.=) On the 4th of November, I dragged Alvin hard along to donate blood at the Blood Bank, Dhoby Ghaut. Alvin had blood-donating phobia after his one and only one donation in campus time. He felt dizzy after the donation and since then he never donated blood but just sat at a side supporting me. @@ After my never ceasing compelling effort, he finally gave in to my pestering and agreed to donate blood.

This time we had sufficient sleep and made sure we did not have too heavy nor light meal before the donation. We passed through all the requirement like hemoglobin test, blood pressure etc and proceeded to the room to start donating. Alvin asked the staff a series of questions when she was poking inserting the big needle into his vein to get blood. I bet he was very nervous but he denied it. By the time my blood oozed out for 450ml, Alvin was also done with his. (His vein is wider). We then happily left with a pack of milo.

After three times donating blood here, I am finally granted a permanent donation card. :) *happy for no reason*

For your information, it is very convenient to donate blood in Singapore as the blood banks are located near to MRT stations. They even have a professional website updating us what is needed critically at the moment. So those who are fit and are domiciled in Singapore, please donate blood regularly :)

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Wei Chen Esmonde Lim said...

Okay I agree with you regarding your bet on alvin's nervousness, Kang Kiah Ling!