Monday, October 1, 2007

September 25, 2007 (Part 2)

Well. We checked in Hotel Melia whose rate was just RM 128 per night for family suite. After letting our legs to rest for around two hours, we went out to have our dinner. At first we planned to eat at a place name “Dragon something something”, I couldn’t remember the name; it was like Asia Café at Subang and Ming Tian at Taman Megah. However, that time was just 17:30, the stalls there hadn’t opened so we went back to Melaka Raya to eat Western Food at Continental Café. It was a grand restaurant but somehow when we went there it was empty. All of us ordered chicken chop; this was our third chicken meal!!! *grins* The chicken chop was really nice as in taste, look, portion and price!!! Each just cost us RM4.80 (actually it was on promotion, normal price is RM8++).

It looks grand from outside and inside!!!

Normal Chicken Chop

Original Chicken Chop

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (recommended)

After that we headed to Bukit Cina, hoping to buy tambun biscuits as we were told it was sold somewhere near Sam Poh Temple. But actually it was not sold there, it was sold at Jonker Street near Cheng Woon Theng Temple. I bought Indian Toothpaste at a grocery shop in front of Sam Poh Temple after being cajoled by the shopkeeper. She said it was way better than our normal toothpaste and it could make our teeth clean. Somehow I didn’t know why I believed her and I bought one from her for RM10 (more expensive than Sensodyne)!!! I felt I was stupid for being conned!!! Gin Hwa bought some curry sauce and tom yam sauce from her too. Both cost her for RM30. Actually we just went there to ask if we could park our car there as there was no parking lot available but turned up being “conned” by her.

Took this beside Sam Poh Temple. Can anyone tell me what is the meaning for these four words?

Oldest tree in Malacca according to Kynne (but I doubt it as I saw many trees with such diameter in Malacca -.-)

Being conned to buy this Indian toothpaste

After taking some photos (again, both Kynne and I were so obsessed like Kennysia, taking photos non-stop -.-), we were heading to our next destination which was Jalan Ong Kim Wee to sample satay celop, also known as lok lok. This turned out to be a nightmare, with the assistance of map, we lost our direction and went round and round for two hours! Yet we couldn’t find the shops!!! The map was not updated!!! Frustrated!!! By the time it was 21:00 and we were hungry, so we ate fried oyster somewhere at a roadside. It tasted nice according to Kynne, Gin Hwa, Alan and Shuzhen. I just ate the fried egg and one piece of oyster, so I couldn’t give much comment. I don’t like oyster actually though my whole family likes it so much, every time when we eats fried oyster, I just eat fried egg. *smile*

Our mission had yet to come to the end!!! Being unsatisfied for not eating satay celop(it is famous in Malacca and I was told I couldn’t miss it), we went to another famous restaurant for satay celop, Capitol. It was crowded with people, indeed it was full and there were customers lining outside the restaurant to wait for their turns. It took us around half an hour to reach our turns, we were so excited and happy. We went to take the food we wanted to celop and then sit at the empty table waiting for the waitress to serve us. Shuzhen, Gin Hwa and Alan said it was very delicious but for me it was normal as the sauce was a bit mild in taste and the variety lok lok available was limited. For those who haven’t sampled satay celop, let me teach you how to make it at your home. First of all, go and buy satay sauce from satay seller. Then, buy prawn, egg, sotong, sausage, kangkong, fish ball from market or hypermarket nearby your house. Put them to sticks like the normal lok lok we eat. Pour the satay sauce into your steamboat, switch on gas or power, wait till the sauce boils. Stuck in the lok lok you have made. Trust me it tastes same as the ones I ate at Malacca. Some more it will be tastier if the satay sauce is tasty and you have a wide of variety to choose. It costs you cheaper as well! So why take the trouble to travel to Malacca to eat satay celop? *evil laughs*



"people moutain people sea" (no pun intended)

Many celebrities had been there before


lok lok

fish balls


It's not hard to make this at home :)


When we almost finished eating, it started to rain heavily. It made a havoc to our trip as we couldn’t continue our next mission which was grilled fish at restaurant located on ship. And so we called it a day and went back to hotel to sleep (duh)…

To be continued...


ż£ż™ said...

First off, what's the difference between "normal" and "original"?? Isn't original "normal" too? XD I think that should be called "fried" am I by any chance, correct?

Second, I couldn't see those words clearly, even after I downloaded it and zoomed, sorry can't help.

Third, I've misunderstood the meaning of "satay celop" until now.

Fourth, I think one of your photos is upside-down.

Fifth, that pun has ended up in the wrong place, again. Please >.< Don't use it anywhere...

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Wrong place again? I thought pun is used when word reflects different meanings?

~K£cќ~ said...

Yup i agree XD i felt kinda of weird too with the normal and original ... maybe can change to Maryland lol ...

HT oso can't understand them? @.@ ...

What have you think of them before this? lol ...

I just realised that the fish ball is upside down, man i sux in observing things

Wat it pun =.=

ż£ż™ said...

Nevermind... Use it as what you think then XD

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Haha. I just tembak using it... I shall stop using it until I'm sure of it...