Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September 27, 2007

As I mentioned in my previous post, we didn’t get to eat Bak Kut Teh after coming back from Malacca and Seremban. Kynne was not satisfied and on the very next morning, he smsed Kelvin to have branch in Klang. Kelvin called me at 10:30 (I was still sleeping that time) to ask me out for Bak Kut Teh. I agreed. But later when I fully woke up, I only realized I bought “Sau Pao” or “Siu Pao” whatever for my family, so I have to go back home. The “Siu Pao” cannot be stored long for your information. Thus I smsed Kelvin that I was not joining them. As usual he cajoled me to go! What happened to the "Siu Pau" afterwards? Asked Kelvin...

We found “Aeroplane” Bak Kut Teh so easily! Perhaps Shuzhen, Gin Hwa and Alan had no “yuen” with “Aeroplane”. Surprisingly, Aeroplane did sell both dry and normal Bak Kut Teh instead of dry only (according to Kynne). We ordered one dry and one normal Bak Kut Teh together with “Iron Guan Yin” Chinese tea and “Yau Char Kuai”. Both dry and normal Bak Kut Teh tasted much nicer than the one I ate before at the shop in front a chinese school.

Aeroplane BKT



Normal BKT


Being a good friend, I didn’t forget about Shuzhen when I enjoyed nice food. I bought Bak Kut Teh take-away for her, Gin Hwa and Alan. *grins* They told me it was nice too.

We were so full after eating the BKT, and couldn’t try other restaurants anymore. While on the way back PJ, one of us (I had forgotten whom) suggested something crazy --- go Genting Highlands after passing BKT to Shuzhen!

For the details of Genting Highlands brief outing, go here, here and here.


~K£cќ~ said...

“Iron Guan Yin” >>> not this tea =.=" i duno what is the name oso ... ask Kynne

one of us (I had forgotten whom) suggested something crazy --- go Genting Highlands >>> I was the one who mentioned it but you were the one who said go LOL ...

Damson said...

...dont try to push your responsiblity to each other...both of you were the crazy ones who suggested the trip to genting....hehehehe.....I WANNA GO DFORTUNE!!!!