Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Time Paying Heed to Tag @@

Well, this is the first time I actually pay heed to something called "tag"... I like to read, but I never answer, this is the first, perhaps I'm in a very perfect mood now?

Currently: Still in exam period
Playing: Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love... I love this song very much... "keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love, I keep bleeding..."
Pending: Preparation for an attempt in SOA exam
What's NEW: At this point of time, no... In the near future, ermm, an electronic keyboard?

Real Name: You know it
Nickname: Whatever you like to call, I'm fine with it
Married: Yea, hubby is my tonnes of books, in another word, knowledge
Male/Female: You know better than me
High school: Tunku Abdul Rahman High School
College: Never attend.... But currently pursuing my dream in University of Tunku Abdul Rahman
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: 'A' (singular) is not suitable... I have too many
Current status: Status in what sense? Marriage status, I've already answered above
Do You Like Yourself: At times =.=

Surgery: Tooth, consider?
Person You See In The Morning: My housemates
Award: God and my parents gave me a precious life
Sport You Join: I'm hyperactive for everything
Vacation: From my mum's womb to this wonderful world?
Concert: Maksim's promo tour in Genting... I'll never forget that!
I'm About To: Accomplish as many things as possible in the shortest time

Your future..
Want Kids: Those who really know me will know this answer... I don't mind to reveal here either, NO.. Sorry... I cherish freedom!
Want To Get Married: Boyfriend or a lifetime partner is enough... Wedding is just a ceremony...
Careers In Mind: Ain't that obvious? Whatever course I'm pursuing now indicates what I want in future....
Lips Or Eyes?: If no accident, my lips and eyes will still be the same
Hugs Or Kisses?: Hugs and kisses are just a greeting manner... Unless you're asking me some sensual and passionate ones....
Shorter Or Taller?: I believe I have passed puberty period...
Romantic Or Spontaneous?: Hey what does this 'future' section actually want? Is my future romantic and spontaneous? Why this question sounds so incoherent one? Anyway, I like to be spontaneous
Sensitive Or Loud?: I really don't get what this question wants....
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: Again I don't know what this requires me to answer...

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: I'm not too sure about this...
Drank Bubbles: Any pun used here? What kind of bubbles? I don't get this
Lost Glasses / Contacts: Lost but found
Ran Away From Home: I always want to attach my butt at home
Liked Someone Younger: well, I like whoever who is adorable including those younger than me of course
Broke someone's heart: Very sorry to those I've hurt.... Really sorry
Been arrested: By legislative personnel? So far.. No yet...
Cried when someone died: Depends who passed away lar @@

Do you believe in..
Yourself: Sometimes
Miracles: Definitely.... We have too little knowing of this world, we never what will burst out the next moment
Magic: I like to watch the shows only, but all are fake...
Angels: Whoever is my sincere guardian will be my angel... I consider myself to be fortunate enough, I've met a few....

Answer truthfully..
Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: No doubt, yes!

Tag 5 ppl...
Whoever pays heed to this whole piece of messy crap...

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Shane said...

Well what to say... I never know what is 'tag' until recently it seems like become a vogue now... Lots of fren are paying heed to this kind of, should i say 'nonsense'? Anyway it is nice... i shall try it in the future... If and only if i have time....