Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Hard Lesson

Year One of my degree studies was over on the past Monday. I loused up this sem, terribly. I dare not imagine nor expect anything for this sem. All I hope is to maintain scholarship and strive for a better result next sem, or shall I say I should at the least work hard to get 3.94 and above (i got 3.94 in Sem One), just to assuage my great guilt. I never got lower than 3.94 since Foundation Studies, but this time I broke my life record, ashamedly. I felt very bad to even come back to hometown to face my parents, so you know how bad I loused up my second sem.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to fulfill the plan is fulfilling failure with plan". I agree with my friend utterly!

My greatest mistake which I don't afford to commit this sem is I didn't manage my time well. I devoted all my time for my actuarial exam. For me, I feel that actuarial exam is much more beneficial in my future (up to now, I still feel it that way). At the same time, I thought UTAR exam is fairly easy for me, so as long as I can maintain the scholarship, it will be good enough. But to my nightmare, I overestimate myself, I did bad in my coursework, and to make things worse, I flunk my finals. Undoubtedly, this really made me learn the lesson hard.

What I'm worrying now is I fail the coming actuarial exam which I had spent so much time on. Since I had made a thorough analysis on my failure this whole sem, from now on, I will make adjustments to my mistakes accordingly and to utilize this 3 weeks to the maximum for my actuarial exam. Sound so positive huh? =.=|| But I really hope I could keep this positive spirit positively until June 3 (redundancy intended)

Disclaimer: I write this entry is not to show off anything about my past glory nor anything about how well I anticipate for my near future. All I wish is through this entry I will be able to reflect how vital time management is to my friends who are struggling very hard in studies.

Remember this: We should aim high; though we cannot reach what we aim, we will still not lose much. Or to make things more familiar to engineering friends (many of my friends are in engineering school), we should embed the principle of "projectile motion" in our life.

So happy holidays to those who are luxuriating in the perfect sem break. I will not blog in this 2 weeks, if nothing interesting happens. Anyway, keep your blog active, I will still visit your blog from time to time. Ciao


dabeliu_y said...

hope u see my comment..
can u tell me about the study of actuarial sc at UTAR?
the quality of lecturer and anything i need to knw..?
i am still wondering wanna go UTAR kampar or not..

Shane said...

Perhaps i should stop blogging for one month too... i have been fooling around too much and this is the critical period for revision...